Thursday, May 24, 2012

CALAiS Artisan Bubble Tea & Coffee

Last Sunday, I went to Kuningan City with my mom. Most of the tenants were still under renovated so there was nothing much to do there. I remember someone told me there was a bubble tea joint here, so I looked around and found CALAiS in the lower ground, across to Killiney KopiTiam. 

The staff told me two of their specialties that rarely found in others brand bubble tea are the yogurt tea and Calais signature rock A salt.  Both yogurt tea and rock a salt comes with three options so we can choose to have the yogurt mixed with black tea, green tea or oolong tea, while what makes difference for the rock a salt was they used whipped cream and powder green tea on the top of the tea to bring out the saltiness. Personally, I always prefer sour teas for most of my drinks and I was so close to choose dark plum ice tea, but I figured that I won't be coming to Kuningan City often, so I should try their specialty. Hence, I went with Yogurt green tea with pink boba (23,5k for large size) and Black tea rock a salt with strawberry popping (20,5k for regular size). I also bought Roasted milk tea with egg pudding (19,5k for large size) to take away for hubby. Their toppings were surely quite unique from bubble popping type with fruit or even yakult flavors, or fresh fruit slices from apple to passion fruit. 

Mom and I shared Yogurt green tea and it was not really pleasant. Unlike Sam & Jolly's Yo-Tea, this one was not a good combination. It tasted weird and the topping made it worst, the bubbles were way too sticky. On the other hand, personally for me who is not into dairy, their roasted milk tea was quite good as it was not too milky. Well good for me, but maybe not so much to them who likes it milky. Again the topping was unacceptable, the texture of the egg pudding was rough, not smooth so it felt a bit sandy kind of way. The next day, I drank my black tea rock a salt, and again I was disappointed. I'm not sure whether it was because I left it overnight in my fridge, but it was one of the weirdest drink ever, it didn't even feel like drinking a tea, and oh my... the strawberry popping was yucky, after the strawberry flavor pops out, the remain bubble felt like plastic. Seriously, they have to do something on their toppings texture.  

If I ever go to Kuningan City again one day, maybe I will give it another shot on a much more safer choice and have it without any toppings, only because I like it how their sugar are all made from fruit fructose and all the fruit teas are made from real fruit extract. So far, those two are the only positive things I could think of from this bubble tea. 

Oh I just thought of another thing I like about them, their plastic cups is so cuteeee! And I love how it have life quotes in each of the cups. I love having those quotes to read. These what I got. 

CALAiS Artisan bubble tea & coffee
Kuningan City LG - 95
Jl. Prof. DR Satrio Kav. 18 
Ph. +6221 56143147

Other outlets at Mall Central Park, Karawaci.


Ellyna Tjohnardi said...

The popping balls sound fascinating, but if it tasted terrible...I better avoid this topping. I think Addictea might have similar beverage with Rock salt or something and they have drinks with Yakult. It's quite popular, alhough I'll personally recommend the grassjelly (cincau) mint tea with sugar level 1 (least sugar). Perfect refreshing drink after the gym! =)

Ivy said...

ho oh, ga tau juga ya apa krn g left overnight di kulkas jd aneh gt.

aduhhh ud banyak nih yg ngmg addic tea enak, aku malah ga pernah dgr ampe kmrn itu tau dr wanderbites en urukyu punya blog.

hari ini ada plan ke PI. Mau cobain.Uda dicatet rekomendasinya. :D Thanksss!

galleryibu said...

penasaran deh sama kuningan village ini.. dimana sih lokasinya kuningan village?

Ivy said...

kuningan city say. Letaknya tepat di sebelah Ambassador/ ITC Kuningan. :)

Ste_@J said...

just saying.. you can't expect a good quality if you left it overnight in your refrigerator.. All of that kind of drink at least must be drank before 2 hours to have a good taste :)