Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Japanese Ramen: Which bowl is your favorite?

Is it only me or various Japanese ramen seem to keep on coming and coming and coming?

Once upon a time, there were only Sanpachi and Ajisen when it comes to Japanese ramen. Lately, it has not been a slim pickin' when I want to indulge my self with a bowl of Japanese ramen. Japanese is one of my favorite type of cuisine, but I used to be more into sushi kind of gal rather than ramen, now I am torn...

Honestly, my fond of ramen was just started on the first day I met with Ikkousha. I fell in love with their delicious soup and since then, I am always excited on trying new ramen places or even the longer existing one which I never really bother to try before.

So, shall we? 

Strong points: Amazing most tasty full of flavor broth among others, delicious buta chasiu thick, Ocha is refillable, good service.

Price range: Ramen starts from 38k.

Recommendation: Ramen babi tam tam is a delicious pick.

Available at: Muara Karang and Kelapa Gading.

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Strong points: Lots of varieties from ramen, udon, bento set and other ala carte sets, price is affordable with quite big portion of ramen, can choose level of spiciness up to as maximum as you like, ramen texture is firm, Ocha is refillable. 

Price range: Ramen starts from 35k.

Recommendation: Karai ramen (can choose level spiciness) and Tonkotsu miso ramen.

Available at: Ruko Cordoba, Pantai Indah Kapuk and Mall Central Park.

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Strong points: Portion is quite big, the most excellent half cooked Tamago among others, the best ramen with chicken soup, Ocha is refillable.

Price range: 50 - 65k for one size.

Recommendation: Marutama ramen, but my favorite is Tan Men, full of generous crunchy veggies. Just add a Tamago and you're set for a delicious ramen.

Available at: Plaza Senayan, eX, Cosi Pluit, Puri Mall.


Strong points: The pioneer of ramen in Jakarta, outlets spread around Jakarta, wide selections of ramen options, ramen texture is firm, can choose pork or ramen for the toppings and broth, free jelly pudding as dessert.

Price range: Around 38k for small size, 55k for regular. 

Recommendation: Jigoku ramen.

Available at: Sunter, Bintaro, Grand Indonesia, Muara Karang, Cikarang, Central park, pX, Melawai, Pacific Place, Citos.


Strong points: Delicious broth, portion is quite big, Tamago is nice, ocha is refillable. 

Price range: 50 - 60k.

Recommendation: Mukashi special ramen.

Available at: ANZ Thamrin (UOB Plaza).

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Strong points: Price is affordable.

Price range: 35k - 40k.

Recommendation: -

Available at: Living World.


Strong points: Price is affordable, huge portion, generous char siu and toppings, ocha is refillable.

Price range: 35 - 38k.

Recommendation: Kyushu Men Special.

Available at: Mangga Besar.

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Strong points: Portion is quite big even on the small one, came in size S,M,L, broth is delicious, free ice water free flow. 

Price range: 63k - 128k.

Recommendation: Shoyu ramen, Kara miso ramen, Tokusen toroniku ramen.

Available at: Plaza Indonesia.

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Strong points: Delicious broth, options to choose "light, normal or heavy" on the noodle strength, soup richness and flavor strength, refillable ocha, price is affordable.

Price range: Ramen starts from 38k.

Recommendation: Ikkudo buta kara, Buta signature.

Available at: Pantai Indah KapuK, Pesanggrahan Puri Indah.

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Strong points: Broth is quite ok, available in chicken and pork, tamago is good, refillable ocha, price is affordable.

Price range: Ramen starts from 35k.

Recommendation: Tampopo ramen, Tonkotsu ramen.

Available at: Pantai Indah Kapuk.

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Strong points: Broth is savory and full of flavor, have their own ramen machine to ensure the texture.

Price range: Ramen starts from 36k.

Available at: Jl. Boulevard Raya, Kelapa Gading (+6221 45848728)

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Strong points: Noodle is savory, broth is okay, flavor is enough.

Price range: 40 - 60k

Available at: Ruko Emerald No. 1, Pantai Indah Kapuk (across Tsu zhi school) +6221 29031766


Strong points: The broth is yummy, very savory and full of flavor. Comes with miso, original tonkotsu, black garlic and spicy broth. The charsu probably the best among other brands.

Price range: 44k - 62k

Available at: Jl. Batu Tulis Raya No. 52 B, Pecenongan (+6221 3805894)


Strong points: Originated from Japan. Several options of base soup from tonkotsu, chicken, black garlic and miso. The broth is thick and well seasoned. The tamago is very good, almost as good as Marutama.

Price range: 48k - 63k

Available at: Baywalk Mall Pluit

With all the new ramen in town, my vote still goes to HAKATA IKKOUSHA. Trying to find another better than theirs, yet until this post was written, I haven't found one, although I do like Santouka, Marutama and Ikkudo as well. So, which one is your favorite? ;)

*Updated per July 21st, 2014


Anonymous said...

I prefer sanpachi though. And their broth is not so so. I think their tonkotsu broth is the best so far. Unlike ikkousha very oily broth, I always finish sanpachi broth.

ramen_123 said...

Try Ryotei at Kelapa Gading, they just opened recently and have soft opening discount of 25%.

I'm a regular now and I've been seeing lots of Japanese eating here, and now I know why..

The ramen here is very thick, rich and best of all, yummy..

The brochure features french Iron Chef Hiroyuki Sakai and the japanese owner. No wonder, it tastes good.

Funnily enough, it's from Sydney and very famous apparently.

Check out their facebook page:

Mandy said...

Did you know... the famous IPPUDO ramen will open soon at Jakarta, you have to try this one.. the best ramen, i eat at Bangsar Malaysia.. WOW two thumbs up for this one.. :p

Ivy said...

@Mandy: Yeah it's one of my fave in SG. Excited to know they'll open at PP soon. :)