Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kyushu Men

So, like it's not too many yet, another new ramen hitting Jakarta again. Couple days ago, hubby and I went for a dinner there. Located in a much humbler place at Mangga Besar area, They were recently opened on March. 

Kyushu Men carries Kumamoto soup style which is Tonkotsu (pork) soup base style, although chicken soup base is also available. According to the owner/ chef who is a Japanese, Kumamoto's style was similar with Hakata's style, a slight difference was only Kumamoto soup base was milder and often seasoned with fried garlic oil to added the aroma.

Looking at the menu, they served from ramen, shabu - shabu and sushi, however the selections was not many. That night, we ordered a plate of Salmon sashimi (35k), Kyushu men special (38k), Aso men (35k) and their homemade gyoza, Zenju gyoza (25k). 

Sashimi came first, fresh in big and fat slices. Followed with the ramen, both came with boiled egg with bean sprouts, kikurage, leek, and char siu. What differentiates was a slice of kakuni (braised pork belly) in kyushu men special and it came in mixed pork and chicken soup, while my aso men was purely spicy pork soup. Both soup was mild and savory, unlike others their char siu was fat and thick. I didn't really like the char siu though, to me it was more like unnecessary. The ramen with soup and crunchy kikurage mushrooms was quite good already. Their pork gyoza was 50-50, we both like the pork filling, minced with garlic and onion, it was tasty and juicy, but the dumpling skin was too thick that we ended up to tear the skin and only ate the meat. 

Overall, although the taste was pretty standard but it was a nice addition at Mangga Besar area which  normally stuffed with Chinese food.

Kyushu Men 
(Next to Bubur Ayam Mangga Besar)
Jl. Mangga Besar 1 No. 42 A
Taman Sari, West Jakarta
Ph. +6221 62307743

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