Monday, May 14, 2012

[CLOSED] Sam & Jolly: Food adFUNture by Sour Sally

Say hello to Sam & Jolly, a new food adFUNture by Sour Sally. Recently opened on May 9th, declaring themselves as the first one introducing the first low fat yogurt ice cream on a stick, Yo-Stick as they called. 

Located beside Little things she needs, it got me fooled to think that it was only a small joint meant for take away only, while actually the place was quite big with entrance located outside Tribeca. Both indoor and outdoor was designed with fun, cheerful and colorful concept. Flying balloon, statue of liberty and bus stop with white, grey and green color on the sitting place was seen in the outdoor, while the indoor one was cuter with all the Sam & Jolly along with Sour Sally (SS) mascot drew on the walls, and the famous London's red telephone box placed in the center of room. 

The menu was surely innovative and unique. Unlike their best friend who specializing in yogurt, Sam & Jolly came in variety of menus complete from appetizers to desserts. They have two types of main course, more adventurous one are formulated with yogurt, such as Jolly's na-go-yo, fried rice with blend of Yogurt or Curry fans can try their curry dish with yogurt. People who prefers safer kind of meals shall not be worried as they also serve regular non mixed with yogurt kind of meals from pasta, pizza to oxtail soup. 

Desserts were another interesting innovative thing to experience. Their specialty was Yo-stick, yogurt on stick which combine with molten cake, banana flambe, pastry, pancake, toast or even fruits. Take example of my order, Fun-taste-tic crepes suzzete (44k), a plate of crepes suzzete and strawberry flavor low fat yogurt ice cream served with apple chunk drizzled with cherry sauce. Presentation was appealing, to me, it was a well thought combination. Everything plated was balanced with each of the items. The sour heart shape strawberry yogurt covered in sweet white chocolate sprinkle with cherry sauce with crepes in melted sugar on the bottom accompanied with apple chunk on the side. Crepes was soft and in the right thickness, the melted sugar was addictive. Apple chunk and cherry sauce was in right sourness, white chocolate was crunchy, while who can say no to the delicious SS yogurt?. It was a beautiful combination. However, for a lighter dessert, simpler choice of Yo-stick with topping and various of dipping sauce also available.

Selections of beverages were vary as well. They have many selections of yogurt mixed with tea so after a thoughtful consideration, I lay my choice to one of their Yo-Tea, Awe-sam mango berry shake (32k), a glass of infused tea, strawberry and mango syrup shaken well with SS frozen yogurt and lime squeeze. At first I thought it will be weird to have yogurt mixed with tea, turns out it works. Sweet with a pinch of sourness, it was a refreshing shakes.

I noticed I might be babbling too much but I did it because I sincerely thought they need to be well introduced as I had a blast on my first encounter. I know taste is crucial, but for this one, I am more impressed with their menu innovation. Personally, I applaud the owner and creative management of SS, where while yogurt addiction is slowly pacing away, they came with the idea of another new combination dessert in town. 

I will return to try on their main course. Meanwhile, I wish you all the best.

Note: They are having 50% promo using certain credit card for food (dine in only) with min. purchase 300k, also buy 1 get 2 Yo-stick at the Yo to Go station, only until June 9th.

Sam & Jolly 
Central Park Mall Level UG
Jl. S Parman Kav. 28
West Jakarta
Ph. +6221

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