Friday, May 18, 2012

Lemon's Fashion Bazaar @ Untar II

Back then when I was studying at University of Tarumanagara, from time to time they like to do an event which they would need fund sponsors, and normally they would be having it from tenants participating on a bazaar held inside the campus. 

I was one of the so many who was always excited waiting for the bazaar as the tenants were mostly sells clothes. So during off class, me and my friends will wandered around the bazaar, either to buy something from them or just doing some window shopping to kill the time. 

It never occurred to me that one day I will be one of those tenants participating in an event at my old campus. I guess, I will be saying hello to some good old memories when I step inside the building again also be visiting one of my favorite warteg (read: street hawkers) just behind the campus. Who said we can't mixed fun with business? ;) 
Anyway, happy to share that Lemon will be participating in a fashion bazaar with details in the picture. Please do spend some time to visit us! It will mean a lot. :) 

Meanwhile, so many things to do... so little time. Signing off, see you!

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