Monday, May 7, 2012

Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice @Balestier Rd

Don't you just love a short trip? I do! 

Welcoming the month by posting some foods from my short trip a while ago. As someone who once worked in a Singaporean company, the country might be the one I visited the most, business or leisure wise. But not once I got bored with it. To me, a trip to Spore is always worth waiting for. Full of eat, eat and eat!

Start with this one.

Often being voted as the best chicken rice in Spore, Bon Tong Kee definitely one of the famous chicken rice in town. However, had been hearing rumors that after the major expansion to six branches, the quality of their food are questionable.

We went to the one in Balestier road. It was easy to find with the bright orange signage, located in the main road not far from the famous Founders bah kut teh. Interior was pretty standard, the place was very neat, very clean with bright lighting, cute tartan tablecloth and chilling air con.

We sat down and start to ordered. We chose Signature boiled chicken ($10), Stewed pork belly with mui choy ($10) and Fried bitter gourd with salted egg ($9). Food was served prompt and hot. The chicken was very tender but sadly it was dry, came with ginger paste as the dipping sauce which I found it too sweet. Later on, I got to know that they were using the packaging one for the ginger paste. Even it was their own in house sauce, but still it was a packaging product.
Pork belly was soft but not in a mushy way with salted veggie to add the wholesome flavor. As for the bitter gourd, they cooked it different with the ones I often found in Jakarta. In here, they used not only the egg yolks but the white eggs as well, I didn't really like it. It tasted and appeared more like bitter gourd cooked with scrambled eggs, none of the saltiness was tasted.

I am sure Bon Tong Kee have bunch of loyal customers, but I couldn't help but questioning whether the rumors were true.

Bon Tong Kee
399/ 401/ 403 Balestier Road
Ph. +65 62543937
Opening hours:
Mon-Sat: 11am - 4.45pm
                5.30pm -4.30am
Sun: 11am - 4.45pm
        5.30pm - 2.30am

Other outlets:
- 470/ 472 Macpherson Rd (+65 67462774)
- Blk 34 Whampoa West #01-93 (+65 62999880)
- 425 River Valley Rd (+65 67363213)
- 199 East Coast Rd (+65 64781462)
- 18 Cheong Chin Nam Rd (+65 64632289)

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