Friday, May 11, 2012

Ramen Play by BreadTalk @RWS Singapore

After having our fun at USS, we were walking around RWS and spotted this ramen place. Somewhere between the appealing picture of their Tonkotsu ramen in front of the store and the tickle feeling in our tummy, we went in hoping for a good lunch. 

Artificial plant trees with big white teapot and some sort of lady mannequin with bunny headband welcoming us as we entered the place, though I didn't really understand why they put those kind of things since they didn't really match with the overall interior. The place was dominated with black color and natural brick accent, open kitchen in the center, with high ceiling affirming on how spacious the restaurant was.

Menu book was designed in magazine look and shape, it was creative and interesting to see. Ramen Play was established under BreadTalk group and Japanese Sanpou Co, a distinguished name in Japan with quality ramen for the past 40 years. It was written on the menu that the ramen was all fresh hand massage ramen and the pork bone broth is simmered with pork sinew, soft pork bones and secret spices recipe for 12 hours. 

I went with their signature ramen, Sanpou Tonkotsu Ramen ($14.8) containing three treasures of Toroniku (braised pork cheek), Char siu (braised pork loin in char siu sauce) and Buta kakuni (braised pork belly in special sauce). The broth was delicious, they put black onion sauce to enhance it's wholesome flavor. It works, the broth was addictive. Ramen texture was firm and springy, it was good. Wish I could say the same on the pork, but the one acceptable to me was only the char siu, the rest felt too mushy for me. Tamago was fully cooked, while I like mine half cooked.

Hubby went with Black sesame fried rice ($11.8). The rice came in humble look, fried with slice chicken, egg, and black sesame seeds. It surely look humble, but the taste was otherwise. It was good. Saltiness was there, flavor was rich. Love it. 

Payment was strangely need to be done by our self to the cashier once we finished eating. Service can be upgrade a little, waiters were not really friendly. Overall, I think their food was above ok and wouldn't mind going back. 

Ramen Play 
Resort World Sentosa
26 Sentosa Gateaway #B1-219
Ph. +65 66862086

Other outlets: 
- 313 Somerset #B3 - 04 (+65 66340051)
- Junction 8 #01-51 (+65 62582661)
- NEX @Serangoon #B2-58 (+65 66344089)
- 112 East cost rd #02-06 (+65 66363460)

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