Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Misu Classic Tiramisu

I gotta be honest. I was or maybe still am a twitter virgin. People raving on how they can't stop tweeting and how they got so much more information from it, while I didn't even really familiar with it. I have been signing up on twitter since 2009, yet just several months ago that I finally took time to get to know this cute blue bird.

I'm glad I did as from twitter also, I got to know this delicious Tiramisu. People who kind enough to read my babbling on my post would know that I don't really like anything sweet, but all the tweets mentioning how good this tiramisu was had intrigued my taste buds. So, few weeks ago, I made an order online and got my self 4 cups of classic tiramisu and 2 matcha tiramisu (14k per cup, 75k per 1/2 dozen). The order process was very simple, just text or direct message them on twitter. With 6 cups as minimum order, they can deliver right to our home by courier. 

Came in this cute bright yellow box, inside were 6 cups of tiramisu, made from layers of mascarpone, lady fingers, coffee and chocolate dust. The first time I ate it, honestly I didn't really like it as the bottom layers of mascarpone and lady fingers were quite frozen, so it was not melted in my mouth. So, for the other 5 cups, I didn't keep it in the freezer, instead on regular chill. I did it right as the next day when I tried again for another cup, it was so goood, delicious to the last spoon. The thing just melted in my mouth, so smooth, not too sweet, just perfect. Just like their tagline, it indeed was sweet layers of goodness!

I didn't really like the matcha misu though, the dairy taste was too strong. Prefer the classic one with a hint of coffee taste.

For Holycow! customers (Senopati branch only), they give this tiramisu for free to customers who follow them on twitter. Am not sure whether now the promotion still valid. Free or not, do give it a try, you won't regret it. Just make sure you have them in the right temperature. ;)

Misu Tiramisu
Twiiter: @wemisu
FB: misu Jakarta 
Ph. +6281298298098


Inez Fransisca said...

Misu is so yummy. I like them too

cindy said...

masih gratis kok di holycow senopati :D