Monday, May 28, 2012

(Relocated) The Goods Cafe

About a week ago, on the same day we went to Santouka, my bestie and I went to The Goods Cafe right after we finished our lunch there. In my defense, it was a very short lunch since the place was crowded and bunch of people were lining up outside, so we didn't have time to talk. And since it's been a while from our last meeting, we have a lot to catch up so that's the main reason we ended at The Goods. Wow, quite long explanation just to be not called as piggy eater. LOL.

At first, we thought we will just share a slice of rainbow cake, but it was sold out and somehow we ended with three kinds of order. Portobella fries (35k), Everything bagels (10k) and Chocolate bread pudding (forgot how much). What can I say... everything on the menu just seem so good. So, portobella fries turns out to be not fries, but mushroom. It was not as good as expected because the skin was not crunchy, it was flabby and oily. The mayo which came with it was good though. The everything bagel was decent, it called everything because it had almost everything from cheese to black sesame. Highlight of the day was the absolute delicious chocolate bread pudding, served warm with cold vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries, it was to die for. The sweetness was fairly so it didn't leave any guilty feeling, I supposed.

Just like their sisters, The Goods Diner, the place was also very comfy. Located inside The Goods Dept, with yellow lights, soft light wood furniture and black boards with menu written in white chalks, a definite place to hang out with friends. I love the ambiance. Will surely back for the delicious bread pudding and try on their famous Coffee rubbed burger.

Another peep on the delicious bread pudding. :)

The Goods Cafe
Pacific Place, level 2
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Ph. +6221 29923628

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