Monday, March 19, 2012

Hakata Ikkousha


The only words can describe how good the ramen was. 

There were many reasons on why I should try Ikkousha much much earlier than just now:
1. It located not far from where I live.
2. How fast it become one of the best ramen in town.
3. The never ending queue.
4. Everyone I met and all reviews I read had claimed their ramen was superb.
5. Had been in almost blogger's post I knew of.

Then why it took me almost one year to finally eat here? I don't know!!! I am one of those very curious person about food, especially new places, but I just never really into trying Ikkousha, until last Tuesday. I was picking up my bestie around 11am and suddenly I have this urge for a bowl of the famous ramen. As her house was in the neighborhood with Ikkousha, we went there for lunch.

The interior was dominated with red color and wood concept. It was very Japanese look. Don't expect to choose where to sit, as due to their crowd, they will assigned us to where we must sit and sitting with strangers was a common view in this place. Still ok, in Japan some of the casual ramen restaurant even have their customers eating by standing, due to their crowd and limited space.

Anyway, I chose Ramen babi tam tam (48k) and my friend prefers Ramen babi special (38k). We also ordered a plate of Gyoza babi udang bakar (35k). The noodle was to die for! The broth was amazingly delicious. I mean, I knew it must be good based on all the sayings lately, but I never thought it will be so damn good. I was not really a ramen lover, but I think thanks to them, I am now. The broth was very savory and perfectly seasoned. Not so much on the ramen actually as to me it tasted quite soft, and I don't like mushy type of noodle but still the delicious broth over came it. 
My ramen babi tam tam was quite oily when it came, but it didn't feel oily when tasted. The gyoza was also a top notch, not dry and the minced pork and shrimp was delicious. 

I love it so much that later night I came again, this time with my small family. I didn't order the main course as I was still full, instead I tried their Buta Chasiu thick (48k). Both times during lunch and dinner the waiter keep recommended it, emphasized on how the grilled pork was one of the house's favorite and must try dish. Well, it deserved to be house's favorite, delicious!
I finally understood about the never ending queue. Oishii! 

Hakata Ikkousha 
Jl. Muara Karang Raya No. 85 
(next to Sky restaurant)
North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 66600255



Ivy you came really early, until there is no queue :)

Ivy said...

hahaha yupp. I came early!