Monday, March 19, 2012

Bakmi Bangka Aon

I saw the review about Bakmi Aon on irenesgettingfat a while ago and I had been drooling ever since. The noodle's picture looks so tempting. =)

So couple weeks ago I went there with hubby for morning breakfast. We ordered two bowls of noodle with dumpling (16k for 1 portion, 11k for 1/2 portion). We also ordered a bowl of Tahu Kok but I didn't remember how much it cost. I like the noodle. It was not overcooked, nicely seasoned with minced chicken on the top. Tahu kok was so so, the fish cake was a little bit chewy.

Typical Bangka breakfast place always served some snacks on the table, that day they have pempek and  we tried some. Chewy but in a good way.

For a casual noodle breakfast, it can be a good option. 

Bakmi Bangka Aon
Jl. Hadiah, Jelambar
West Jakarta

Guidance: Enter from Jl. Hadiah alley (across Indosiar), go straight until the end passing rail way, turn left and Bakmi Aon will be at your left side. 


irene said...

thanks for linking, Ivy!
Glad you like it, I love their noodles. haven't tried the pempek though! :))

Ivy said...

hihihi thanks for review it too!

Papoyz said...