Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Taste Paradise (Jakarta)

About a month ago, I heard that a popular Chinese dining from Singapore, Taste Paradise opened their first branch at Plaza Indonesia. Taste Paradise is one of restaurant under the famous Paradise group in Singapore and rank second as the priciest among the groups. I once had a dimsum at Taste Paradise Ion and the place was decorated nice. I was very excited to try them when I heard they opened here. So last Sunday I went there with my family.

It was located on the 4th floor above mi item, buzzing with crowds when we reached there. After being on wait list for about 15 minutes, we were seated. The place was huge and nicely decorated. Very upscale Chinese modern dining, it was 3 times more grand than the one at Ion Orchard. I was quite amazed by how they decorated the dining. They were connected directly to Hyatt, so they have two entrance, from Plaza Indonesia or from Hyatt. At Hyatt, it took place on the same floor with C's. 

When I scrolled down the menu, I noticed how the place designed was in line with the price range. Initially we were planning on having a morning dim sum, but we were late and reached there around 11am, so we decided to combine some dim sums with heavy meals. For the dim sum, we chose Steamed shrimp and chive dumpling (19,8k), Steamed shrimp and pork dumpling (20,8k) and Steamed rice roll with fresh shrimp (24,8k). As for the main course, Fried rice with tobikko fish roe (98k), Sauteed live prawns with preserved olives and spring onions (112k), Osmanthus infused crispy roasted duck - half portion (138k) and Braised edamame tofu with mushrooms in duck reduction (88k). 

I actually am the type of person who cannot have Chinese meal without any veggie, I always include minimum 1 plate of veggie when I ate Chinese, but as I looked at the price, the green veggie without any minced meat started from 78k and honestly I thought it was ridiculous to pay such price for green veggie, so I skipped it. Hihihihi

The service was polite but it took forever for our meals to be served. Anyway, we all love the food. The duck was very juicy and tender, while the skin was crisp. Lovin' the shrimp as well, it was sauteed well that we can still feel the crunchiness. However, I didn't like the edamame tofu, the duck reduction was ok not too sweet but the soft tofu felt too mushy for my taste. The fried rice was amazing! It was such a simple dish cooked with fish roe, but it was very tasty. The dimsum was nice, I especially like the steamed shrimp and chive dumpling. 

Overall, I think it was a good dining place. Nice food, nice venue, good service, not so much on the price though. :)

Taste Paradise
Plaza Indonesia 4th Flr
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav 28-30
Ph. +6221 29923939

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I like the interior, but for food, I don't find any speciality of taste paradise