Sunday, March 11, 2012

(Closed) Bliss

I always have this sympathy towards Bliss whenever I passed the place. My sympathy was raised due to it was simply located in the busy dining street at Pantai Indah Kapuk just beside the super crowded, Bobabits and other tenants, but sadly Bliss was always seemed to be empty with customers whenever I came across the place during my visits to other tenants beside it.

One day, I spotted a promo by Bliss at and I bought several vouchers to satisfy my curiosity of their food. So several weeks ago, I headed there with my husband and parents. There was only 1 table filled when we walked in. The place was actually designed quite nice and clean with red and black dominated, it really strikes Chinese ambiance agreeable to their cuisine type. 

We ordered Ayam goreng mentega (40k), Cingkong kepiting (40k), Cumi saus padang (43k), Hotplate kangkung sapi (48), Lindung cah fumak (38) and Tomyam soup (40k). The orders didn't take long to be served. Our hotplate kangkung sapi was still sizzling when it was delivered, and it tasted delicious. Tomyam soup was also very nice with the right balance of sourness and I like the cingkong kepiting, it was not oily and delicious. As for the rest of the dishes was so so.

It really took me by surprise that their food was quite good. It was really ironic comparing to the quiet view I saw most of the time. I think Bliss really deserve to have more customers as their foods were not disappointing. Good luck! 

Ruko Crown Golf B-03
Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 85588989
Opening hours: 7am - 10pm


Anonymous said...

gw sie klo tiap ke bukit golf ga pernah perhatiin restoran ini, next time gw mw nyoba...

tp kata temen gw klo mw buka restoran/cafe d tempat kaya gini... jangan bukan yang chinese food, soalnya kan d rumah ud setiap hari kita makan

Ivy said...

Iyah letaknya tepat di sebelah bobabits.
Bener aku juga setuju klo di pik kurang cocok u/ rest keluarga krn memang tipe yg lbh cocok u/ hang out gt dan bykan anak muda yg ke situ, dan biasanya mrk ga tertarik dgn chinese food.
Tapi bliss lumayan enak koq mnrt aku. :)