Thursday, March 15, 2012

Soup Restaurant Jakarta

It's a habit of mine to write down dining I wanted to try on my Blackberry, therefore when I don't have a clue on where to eat, I can just open my note for some idea. Soup restaurant had been on my note since I can remember. I know it is not something new, this place had open at Plaza Indonesia for God knows how long, but never once I step in no matter how many times I wanted to. However, I had been to one of their branch in Spore, I remember my friend and I were just landing at Changi and she took me for lunch at Soup on Terminal 2. Once I tried their Samsui chicken, I just knew that I had to take my parents here, as they are big fans of Samsui chicken. 

It was 2 years ago. I completely forgot about the place until couple weeks ago I was scrolling down my note pad and there it was written at the end of my note. My weekend mostly spent with my family but weekend also was the busiest and crankiest day to find a parking spot at Plaza Indonesia, so I had been really... I mean realllyyy reluctant on going there at weekend until last Sunday, I finally managed to force my self to go there. I went with my parents around 1pm and spent almost 30 minutes to find a parking spot, I was hungry and super cranky when finally the guy in orange uniform found me a spot to park. 

The place was full when we got there but luckily it was only a 5 minutes of waiting until we were ushered to our table. We quickly ordered Samsui Chicken - large (160k), Steamed garoupa slices (65k), Claypot tofu (35k) and Stir fried eel with fumak (55k).

It was a worth 30 minutes finding parking spot moment. The samsui chicken was delicious! It was juicy and tender, they gave us a plate of lettuce to eat along with the chicken. Just like those in Korean food where we wrapped the chicken inside the veggie. The claypot tofu was also very very nice and worth it as it had around 12 pcs with only 35k. However, I didn't like the eel with fumak as it was too mushy and the garoupa was so so only. 

After my second time, I can say for sure that it won't took me another 2 years to come for the third visit. :)

Soup Restaurant
Plaza Indonesia level 3 unit 22-24
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav. 28 - 30 
Ph. +6221 39838220 

Other outlets at PX, Kuningan City, Lippo Mall Kemang

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