Friday, March 2, 2012

Hops & Malt

Almost two months ago, I bought voucher again from for a meal package of 1 appetizer/ 2 desserts and 2 main course worth IDR 67.000,- at Hops & Malt. After I bought the voucher, I got to know the place was located secluded in the not so crowded area in Pantai Indah Kapuk. Later on, I got to know also that the place focusing more on pub style where they have many selections of beer. Those 2 things have made me a little bit turn off as in my head, place with pub concept usually identical with loud music and so so food standard. Hence, I have been postponing my visit until the last day of the voucher's expiry date which was several weeks ago. 

I truly was not expecting much when I went there with my husband. It was weekday night around 9pm yet the place was full house. The patrons were mostly teenagers hanging out with friends and drinking, I saw most of them have Heineken on their tables. As expected, the place was super noisy with extremely loud music. I passed the waiter my voucher and he handed me a piece of laminated paper with selected choices to be chose, but the waiter quickly informed us from the 8 choices of main courses, only 4 were available that night. Sigh... One of the things I don't like from buying voucher, there's always some unfavorable catch. Suffering from the loud music and the super loud voice from teenage patrons chatting with their fiends, all I want was quickly eat, pay and leave. So we chose Chicken wings for the appetizer, Spaghetti Aglio olio and Half chicken for our main course. Food serving promptness couldn't be said as good considering it took forever for the appetizer to be served, around 10 minutes after we finished our main course, however the waiters were polite. 

The food were surprisingly nice. The half chicken were tender and well seasoned, spaghetti also cooked very nice although very small portion, while the chicken wing was hot and crunchy. So good that we decided to order another main course to share, Chicken fajitas (35k) and Banana fritter (17k) for dessert. Both were delicious. 

Overall, I understood why the place was full house. It was located separately from the all night crowded place at Ruko Crown so it was easier to park, dining was quite nice decorated with brick and wood concept and the food was surprisingly tasty. However, the loud music will definitely make me think twice on coming back, but for people who can stand with loud noise & music, Hops & Malt can be a good choice to hang out. 

Hops & Malt
Ruko Garden House Blok B17-18 A
Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29033210

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