Tuesday, February 26, 2013

[CLOSED] Publico Senopati

Publico is a newly opened bistro located at Senopati street. An impromptu lunch date with my bestie last Sunday took me to this Western cuisine type bistro which happen to be under the same group of Pan & Barrel. The place was a big white house turned into a classy looking diner. The first floor, only meant for reception with two stories above meant for diners with smoking and non smoking section separated by floors. 

I love love love how they design the place. With high ceiling, brick walls, and antique candle chandelier, what's not to like? The place is gorgeous. The second floor was meant for smokers, with bar on the side and brown leather comfy couches paired with black & yellow chairs, and a semi open kitchen on the back, I heart the design concept. 
My bestie and I are not a smoker, but we sat on the smoking floor that day due to misunderstanding perhaps? When we were greeted downstairs, I requested to be seated in the non smoking section and we were ushered to second floor, without knowing which floor was meant for which, we sat down. I was a bit confused when I saw there was an ashtray in each tables where it wasn't supposed to be if it was a non smoking floor. But, as there was only us coming as the first guest that afternoon, I didn't bother to emphasize whether we are in the right floor, until another guests came and start lighting up their cigarettes. 
I am not someone who really bothered by cigarette's smoke as long as it was not too much, but just to be sure, I asked the staff if the second floor is the non smoking one as I requested for that earlier and they told me that it wasn't. No wonder there were ashtrays. Anyway, we didn't bother to move as we were in the middle of our lunch already. The staff did apologize for the inconvenience that they heard wrong of my earlier request. 
Honestly speaking, I was not even disturbed by it, I was too busy loving their super mouthwatering food, the beautiful interior and the service to me was flawless despite of the incident. 

The menu came in a unique newspaper style, we chose Grilled American scallops (75k), Prawn aglio olio (70k), Black Angus beef burger (80k), Fruit tartlet (45k), Green tea lemonade (30k) and Ginger lemon tea (35k).

It was not easy to pick a favorite as we mostly love all the things they served. The scallops came in pair with arugula salad, chunky size, tender, perfectly cooked. The pasta was cooked al dente, beautiful seasoning with crunchy fresh prawns. Though I didn't really like patty beef they used on the burger, as personally I thought the beef's smell was too strong, but I love how they toasted the bun yet it still tasted so soft.

Though the portion was not big, but we were pretty much full by the time we ended our main course, so the initially plan to order two kinds of desserts changed to one gorgeous looking fruit tartlet with generous fresh strawberries on the top. Did we enjoy it? We adore it! The custard, the vla sauce, the strawberries all perfectly paired. It was really good.

Now come to the mocktails. The green monster looking was mine, and it was not really a highlight for me. When I ordered green tea lemonade, I was thinking those sort of clear ocha green tea type, not this Japanese matcha blended. As someone who was not into matcha, I dislike it. But those of you who likes matcha should try as I saw quite many tables ordered this green thing. My friend's ginger lemon tea was okay, refreshing with a hint of ginger taste.

To sum our lunch date, food wise, I was in for both treats that day, eyes and tummy. Beautiful food presentations with delicious taste! Being located in South, with delicious food and beautiful dining concept, personally I think the price range was pretty affordable.

So, say Hi to another favorite spot in Senopati! =)

Jl. Senopati Raya 65
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 52964960


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elvina febriani said...

hhihi kmrn gw br nyobain nih.. tp kepanasan duduk di leather couchnya..

Agung Nugroho said...

Reviewnya bagus, super objective :)


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