Friday, February 22, 2013

Rustique grill & wine

A belated birthday dinner...

Several weeks ago was my birthday. Instead of dressing up and planning on where to have my birthday treat, I spent the whole day doing photo shoot for Lemon and editing until late midnight. You know how there was a saying that age is just a number
Well, I am always someone who believes that age doesn't define your character nor personality. But, somehow as I grow older, especially after I got married... My mindset changed, priority changed, I changed... Somehow, birthday no longer serves as something die die also must be celebrated kind of day. So on the day, I was pretty much satisfied with the birthday noodle cooked by hubby and the vanilla fruit cake. :) 

However, hubby and I committed since the day we got married, that every special day no matter how much less important the celebration becomes, a tradition of having dinner is a must. So, couple days after, we went for a belated birthday dinner at Rustique. The reason we chose the place was because we planned to see Die Hard afterwards, and I have been craving for a juicy tender sirloin for weeks.

Rustique is a semi fine dining restaurant focusing in western cuisine, with specialty in steaks. I love how they design the place. Expensive look with the wine cellar, gold mirror frame on the walls and the golden artificial  leaves ornament hanging down, yet at the same time, the dimmed lights and wood color furniture gives a modern warm ambiance. 

On the menu, though mostly focusing on steaks, but there were also selections on pasta. We chose to have Greek salad (56k), Australian wagyu 9+ ribe eye (488k), Australian sirloin grain fed (forgot the price) and Tiramisu (48k) for the dessert. The steak comes with one choice of side condiment, I chose sauteed mushrooms and hubs went with roasted garlic potato. We both went for the mushroom sauce.

Complimentary bread

The Greek salad came in beautiful presentation, with tomato, olives, capsicum, red onion, cucumber and feta cheese all cut in square shape and centered round in the middle of the plate. Personally, I didn't like the taste. I am quite conservative when it comes to salad, nothing practically liked by me except the classic Caesar. Hubby, on the other hand like the salad very much.

The steaks came in a humble presentation, so modest that I found difficulties in finding the nicest angle to take a good picture. Buttt, the taste was so not modest, so not humble. They were so tender, super juicy and delicious! I love it how the knife just cut through the meat like butter, We love it how they cooked our rib eye & sirloin in the right temperature, not over grilled. 

Australian Sirloin - Grain fed (cooked welldone)
Australian Wagyu 9+ - Rib Eye (cooked medium)
Sauteed Mushrooms & Garlic Potato

We were not supposedly have time for dessert as by the time we finished our main course, it was almost near the time for our movie, but I just had this "gotta have dessert" kind of craving that night (excuses excuses), so I asked them to bring me the fastest dessert they can serve, and they came with Tiramisu... And yes, we missed the early 5 minutes of the movie, but it was worth it. The tiramisu was so good, very smooth and not too sweet. The layer of biscotti blend with pinch of kahlua was perfect. *smooch*

I would have to say with Rustique on my right, Die hard on my left and hubby in my arms, I had what I called, a perfect belated birthday treat. *wink*

Rustique wine & grill
Plaza Senayan 4th flr
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Senayan, South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 57852760

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Cend Woo said...

happy belated birthday cik Ivy! you sure had one delicious and hearty birthday celebration! :)