Saturday, February 16, 2013

CNY dinner at Maystar

So, how's everyone CNY dinner? Mine was pretty great. =)

After having several not so satisfying CNY dinners the past few years, initially my family and I plan to have a personal home cook dishes this year, since we have 2 great chefs in the house, my mom and my hubby. Yes, hubby can definitely cook better than me. Kitchen has never been my best friend. *LOL* 
But then, around 3 weeks before CNY, mom's house helper quit and the three musketeers, my dad, big bro and I who terrified as hell to wash any dishes, forbid mom and hubs to cook. So, I made an impromptu reservation at Maystar Emporium. We thought it would be a perfect fit since it was located in a close distance and happen to be one of our regular place to go for Chinese meals. 

The set menu for CNY was set for 10 pax, and since there were only 5 of us, Dad invited along his business' friends, so I'm sorry for the poor pictures and I also didn't have the chance to shoot all the menus since not everyone in the table would understand my silly picture taking habit.

The first course was Yu Sheng with salmon, a traditional Chinese new year dishes which symbolize prosperity, consist of mixed shredded vegetables, slices of salmons and variety of condiments and sauces. The best Yu Sheng salmon I've had so far. I didn't really know what kind of sauces they use, but it match perfectly. 

Second course, I didn't have the chance to take the shotBraised shark fin's soup, also delicious, thick condense with generous shark fins. Even my dad's friends who were all coming from China admitted that the shark fins soup was better than the one in their hometown. Not sure though whether they were just being polite. Hahaha

Third course, Roast suckling pig, readers who kind enough to follow my food posts should know by now that I am not a pork fan. The only time I ate suckling pig was at a so called one michelin star Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong, and it was not even good. A bit flabby and oily. But the one I ate at Maystar totally change my opinion on how a roasted suckling pig tasted. It was delicious! Crispy on the skin, tender on the meat, roasted to perfection.

Fourth course, Sliced abalone with mushrooms and vegetables in oyster sauce,  

Fifth course, Fried prawn with oats, crunchy prawns cooked with generous oats. Again, delicious, the only not so good thing was the size of the prawns were not too big.

Sixth course, Steamed fish with superior sauce (forgot to take pic), this one is so so, I mean... what can you say from a steamed fish? To me it all tasted the same.

Seven course, Scallop with green vegetables (again, forgot to take pic). Love it! Generous and delicious scallops.

Eight course, I didn't remember the exact name, something like Baked glutinous rice cooked with minced meat and shrimp. It tasted like Bak Cang, only this one was not that sticky.

Nine course, Maystar cookies, A beautiful and yummy platting of pineapple cookies with nien gao (Chinese sticky rice cake).

Ten course, Coconut pudding, the iconic dessert from Maystar. My forever dessert since the first time I tried years ago when Maystar first opened at Emporium, and it remain as a favorite.

In conclusion, we had a delightful CNY dinner. All the dishes were cooked deliciously, not in a massive cook kind of way. The service was flawless, and like it was not enough yet, they gifted us with two boxes of traditional Chinese cake and pudding. It was definitely the best CNY dinner we had in the past few years. Totally money well spent. :)

Happy Snake year everyone! 

May Star
Emporium Pluit Mall 4th flr
Jl. Pluit Selatan Raya No. 1
North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 66676280

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