Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ipot Suki

I was always known as the little grandma in my small family, mostly because of two things, my over thinking about anything in life and my fond for what my brother said, old people food. Porridge, dimsum, shabu - shabu and mostly any kind of soupy based meal, you name it, I like it. :D

I went to Ipot Suki around 4 months ago (a very late post) with my bestie. Though the place looked spacious from the outside, as I walked inside, it turns out to be not as big as I thought, probably because of the sauces buffet station centered in the middle of the room.

Unlike most suki place who serve big hotpot per table, Ipot suki serves personal hotpot with five types of soup, chicken broth, tomyam, kungpao chicken, spicy and seafood. We ordered the spicy mala and tomyum soup, with ball platter (50k), vegetable platter (20k) and mushroom platter (35k) along with some ala carte dishes which I couldn't remember the names. 

What I like is that they provide a feel free to grab sauces station where there were quite selections on the sauces from the spicy one, peanut, seafood and many more. Unfortunately I didn't really find anything special on their broths. Tomyum was good, but the spicy mala wasn't even taste spicy and it was a bit oily. Overall I didn't regret my first visit, it was quite okay. A pretty standard not too good, not too bad suki diners. :)

Ipot Suki 
Ruko Crown Golf Blok D unit 51-52
Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 98823260

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SeorangPrempuan said...

mirip yah kita..di rumah gue jga dipanggilnya lau ama, soalnya kalok makan pasti maunya yang kuah2, panas2, and lembek2.. :P