Monday, February 18, 2013

A Homey home cooked from Mom's Gourmet

Mom's gourmet is a home based catering business focusing on bringing a healthier yet delicious food. The owner, a team of husband and wife, believe that something yumm doesn't always need a pinch of MSG for flavor boost. I, who happen to never use MSG on any of my home cook, was intrigued as I read the story behind their family business and happily saying yes when the super friendly owner offering to send me a package of their day menu. 
So, on the designated day, I received a lunch package from them delivered right to my door step. I thought it would be coming in some sort of styrofoam/ carton package, instead it comes in a Tupperware, just like the kind your mom would use when she packed you a meal.

Inside the Tupperware was the menu I chose: 
1. Fried tongue fish with shallot salsa sauce
2. Glazed mixed vegetables
3. Mushroom tortilla/ omelet
4. Meatball soup
5. Rice

The one I like the most among the four above was the mushroom omelet. I love mushrooms and eggs, and they cooked it just right. The meatball soup was also satisfying as I like almost every soupy kind of food. As for the other two, I found it standard and comes in a bit too tiny portion. People who used to eat food with a lot of MSG and salt might find it a bit bland, but personally for me, I appreciated the fact that they committed in not using too much salt and MSG free.

Mom's Gourmet catering service, IMO, represent those humble home cook dishes, just like the one mother cooks for their children, healthy good kind of food. :)

Mom's Gourmet 
Ph. +62878 8110 8887  

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