Friday, January 25, 2013

How can you not love Union?

Even with so many new restaurants nowadays, Union still remain to be one of the busiest diner, proven from until this very day, it still need quite an effort to get a table even with reservation first. After our brunch at Monolog, we were wandering around for a while and I told hubby about Union's delicious red velvet, and he was tempted. Seeing it was Sunday, I was not sure that we can get a table as a walk in customer, but I thought, we could just took away a slice if no table was available. Out of the blue, it turns out there was a table available for us to be used for 1,5 hours. Yes, as I said before, even with so many new diners in town lately, Union still going strong.

Initially we planned to only have a slice of their famous Red velvet (50k) with couple drinks, but when the very friendly and polite waiter who served our table came with our red velvet and a basket of complimentary breads, we were very surprised seeing how we only ordered 2 glasses of iced tea and a slice of red velvet, and they still serving us the complimentary breads. Trust me, there are many middle up restaurants with policy to only serve the complimentary breads if the order reached minimum spending. So, as gratitude, we decided to added some light meals, Fried onion rings and Pork belly skewers. I forgot to wrote down the prices and lost the bill, sorry. 

The red velvet, remain to be the best in town so far. Not cheesy, not too creamy, just perfect. The fried onion rings were deliciously crisp and not oily. I didn't really like the pork skewers as it was too salty and a bit flabby, but my hubby, the ultimate pork lover, liked it. 

With the good service, nice food, delicious mouthwatering cakes, great ambiance, how can you not love Union?

Plaza Senayan Ground flr (inside Sogo)
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 57905861


Cend Woo said...

agree! i must say their red velvet still remain on the 1st place for me.. nyam! tapi ga pernah makan langsung di tempatnya.. memungkinkan ga sih buat foto2 tempatnya?

Ivy said...

Memungkinkan sih. Setau aku dia ga larang u/ foto cuman karena pas ke situ always crowded, sometimes ga enak ati aja u/ foto2 interiornya, even ga pake flash, suka ga enak sm yg lg makan. Hehe