Friday, January 11, 2013

Spending the first day of 2013 at Caprese

For the past 20 months of Ivy's life, I have always always do my best to post a new entry in every 1st day of each month. Yet, in the 1st day of the 1st month... on this new year, I failed, and even worse, it took me 10 days after to finally write again. Initially, my excuses for the late post was because I have been very busy, but as I read the writing advice from some writers on the newest issue of Go Girl! magz couple days ago, one of the advice mentioned was, 'the most important thing in having a blog or to be a so called writers is not about the smart writing talent, it's about being consistent". That piece of line brought me to what my former boss shared a few years ago, "There is no such thing as being too busy. It's either lazy or being lack of commitment". I don't really know if the sentences above applied well in every situation, but it did get me to start writing... and realizing as I typed... How I miss this so. :)

So, I spent the first day of 2013 at Kota Kasablanka, snacking roti canai at Eat&Eat while waiting for Jack Reacher, ended the day with an early dinner at Caprese, a fancy looking diner that I have been eye-ing since the time I went to Starbucks' gathering months ago.It might be one of the prettiest restaurant at Kota Kasablanka. :) Serving variety of International food including an all day breakfast menu, hubby and I chose to have Egg benedict (55k), an all time favorite poached egg on toasted bread, with sauteed spinach, mushroom, chicken ham and topped with Hollandaise sauce, Cobb salad (mix of avocado, rocket salad, corn, cheese, topped with grilled chicken and crispy bacon, served with vinaigrette dressing and bread) 49k, and Tom Cruise pizza (69k), yes they use unique movies and actors' names for their pizzas.

Love, love, love! We like all the food and the restaurant ambiance was very much enjoyable. Too bad the service was not that friendly. Well, maybe some of them were a bit grumpy having to work on New Year's day. Oh yes, do grab your self a copy of Go Girl!'s January edition. Two talented food bloggers, Wanderbites and Anak Jajan shared some info worth to take note. ;)

Last but not least, Happy Lucky 2013 everyone! May this year be a better year for all of us!

Mall Kota Kasablanka UG Floor
Jl. Kasablanka Raya No. 88
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29465333

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