Wednesday, December 26, 2012

[CLOSED] Christmas Brunch at Sala Kitchen

So, how was everyone Christmas day? 
Mine was a one fine day. Why? As I got to spend a whole day with my husband. *wink* It might sound so simple, but personally for me it was beyond that. Being married to someone as workaholic as mine, having a whole day with him is something rare. We go out a lot, but 90% of it was during dinner time. So, I was super excited on arranging where we should have our Christmas' breakfast, lunch and dinner yesterday. *happy face*
I have been wanting to go to Sala Kitchen for quite some time, and yesterday's timing was perfect, having hubby as my date, no traffic and they happen to have Christmas brunch menu for the day. Positioned in the main street of Kemang not far from KOI, Sala Kitchen took a small building with beautiful vintage look. I was awing the white and lime green rustic look the moment I step down from the car. The vintage door and flowers hanging around the windows solidify the whole European chic, in line with their cuisine type.
Sala Kitchen's basement - NY bar concept

Sala Kitchen's 1st floor - Dining room w/ Semi open kitchen

Sala Kitchen's 2nd floor - Garden concept

The narrow building occupied not more than 80 seats, where each of those three levels designed in different concepts, though each of them deserves a high praise, personally I like the second floor with garden theme the most. Beautiful yet homey. We ordered two sets of their Christmas brunch. The brunch menu priced at 179k ++ comes with a set of main course (choices of lamb, rib or beef) and dessert (carrot and ginger cake). 

And may I say... It was the best roasted lamb I ever eaten, tender and no that funny funny lamb smell. I didn't even feel like I was eating lamb meat. Luv it. The same goes to hubby's roasted beef, so juicy, so tender, cooked right in medium. The only downside was the fact that it was set in carving station like if you go to buffet, so it was not freshly cooked, a bit cold. As for the dessert, I am not a fan of ginger, my comment on their carrot and ginger cake might be bias, I didn't like the overly strong ginger flavor, though the cake was perfectly baked, very moist with good level of sweetness and they put raisins inside the cake. Hubby loves it!

Roasted beef with Yorkshire pudding, roasted potatoes, green beans, carrot & gravy

Roasted lamb with Yorkshire pudding, roasted potatoes, green beans, carrot & gravy

Carrot and ginger cake
We didn't order anything from their regular menu besides two glasses of Iced tea due to their policy "only brunch set menu is open for order during brunch time", but I did look briefly on their regular menu, quite selections on mussels (the one they are famous for), pizza, pasta, escargot and steaks with not so shockingly price range. With the good food, great ambiance and flawless service, Sala Kitchen's definitely one recommended place to go.  
Now you get what I mean when I say my Christmas day is a one fine day? ;) 

Sala Kitchen 
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 72
South Jakarta
ph. +6221 71792568


Cend Woo said...

mau kesini tapi blm kesampean teruss.. aaaa i can feel you. it must be one fine day with your hubby.. anyway, those foods made me drool!

Ivy said...

hahaha iyaaa.. so many new places, so little time, rite? :)

Anonymous said...

aaah been planning to go there someday, jadi makin kepengen :)