Thursday, December 6, 2012

Commune 25

Right at the moment when I was in need of a good meal and great company, there they were... Duo combination of Commune and my girls. Last Saturday without doubt was one of my best lunch date in the past few months, 4 hours spoiled with great friends, good laughs and scrumptious food. One of the girls recently was blessed on being a new young mom of a healthy handsome baby boy, Sebastian. So, couple days after Baby S's one month old, we gathered for a not so quick catch up at Commune. 
It has been months that I wanted to go to this bistro co-founded by one of Indonesia's actor, Marcel Chandrawinata. Commune is a stylish furniture store expanded to a cafe, franchised from Singapore. The bistro cafe itself is located on the second level of the furniture store. Furnished by their own label, the intimate bistro looked stylish and unique, separated into few semi private rooms.

Contrary with the bistro concept, the menu was only a standard thick paper with limited F&B to choose from. We ended choosing those marked as their specialties. A plate of Caesar salad (55k), Commune chicken wing (38k), Meatball sub (60k), Anza pizza (65k), Entercotte beurre de commune 180gr (200k) and Irish cake (38k). Most of the food came almost all together except the dessert. Such a feast in the eyes, and may I say confidently for the tummy as well. They were all so delicious!

Their Caesar Salad was made with their homemade croutons and caesar dressing. Delicious! I love the croutons, the fresh lettuce and the homemade dressings. Portion was quite generous.

My favorite of the day! I have been eyeing on this ever since I opened their Facebook page and stumbled upon the mouthwatering meatball sub. My mind at that time instantly goes to a person who swore by meatball sub, Joey Tribianni. *wink* and I was thinking "Jeez, I never have a good meatball sub in my whole life". Last Saturday, I finally have. Generous meat inside the crisp (I supposed oven toasted) French baguette with melted mozzarella cheese. Sincerely, the melted cheese didn't even bother me as I was so into the sub. To me, personally... It was one of the best 60k spent.

Anza pizza, their specialty from Pizza selections. We can choose if we want pork or beef as one of the toppings besides tomatoes and olives. We chose beef, and again was not disappointing. The pizza dough was thin and crisp with generous toppings.

The chicken wing portion came in 4pcs, fitted well for us since there were four of us, though we wouldn't say no to several more pieces of those crunchy breaded crumbs wings.

"A compilation of communal dishes served in an oven pot and paired with home baked bread, light salad or our triple cooked fries, sharing and over ordering is highly recommended".  
When I read this on the menu, easily pictured on my mind was a huge sizzling hot pot with generous homey tasty food. So when the waiter came with a small sizzling hot plate with several cuts of meat and a basket of fried potato wedges, I was taken down a bit. Yet after I took a slice of those US premium black Angus rib eye steak, happily see my knife cuts the slice smoothly and even more, the tender and juiciness cheered me up. 
Their purpose is to give the customers to taste their own experience of the world most famous Entercotte steak, and they nailed it. 

I walked to their cakes display and faced with two options, Irish and Red Velvet. Within less than a second, I pointed to their Irish cakes and asked for a slice. I was never one of those who got red velvet fever. Irish is a combination of Guinness chocolate stout with layers of baileys cream cheese. Unfortunately, it was not a good closing for us. In my opinion, the cake was quite moist but the cream cheese was way too thick and sticky. Though I can sense the hint of baileys but I find it hard to like this black & white Irish.

Aside from the dessert we had that day, Commune successfully got me hooked from the start to the end. They might be the first place at Senopati area that I am so willing to go for second visit. I guess some place doesn't need third time to be a charm. ;)

Commune 25 Cafe & Bistro 
Jl. Suryo No. 25, Senopati
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 72789913
Opening hours: 10am - 10pm (until 1am on Fri & Sat)
T. @commune25

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been curious about this commune for quite a long time, and now i am so sure about visiting this restaurant!