Monday, December 17, 2012

[CLOSED] Le Jardin Moovina

It has been almost two months since my first try out at Mezzanine. Incase you don't know yet, Moovina is a newly established French Vietnam cuisine under the same management with Ocha & Bella. What's exciting about Moovina is there are two cafes under the same restaurant connected with an inside staircase where each of them shares different types of cuisine and design concept.
Mezzanine caters higher level of French Vietnamese Food & Beverage with pricier, heavier and more variety of menu, while Le Jardin comes with lighter selections of International F&B and not to forget, a less expensive prince range. As for the design concept, although Mezzanine occupied much bigger space and higher effort on the whole concept, personally, I feel I enjoyed my time at Le Jardin a bit more with the comfy rattan white/ grey couches, the garden theme and a much more friendlier service.

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, Le Jardin serves variety of lighter meals, the kind of food which you might need to order more than one items to make your belly fully well fed. With choices of sandwiches, galettes, salads, pizzas, desserts and selections of cakes display, my besties and I chose their most selling Pizza Campagnarde (Tomato, mozzarella, cooked ham, sauteed mushroom and sunny side up) 75k, Lasagne (Baked lasagna with minced beef, tomato sauce and parmigiano) 80k, and Encornet saute (Braised squid in spicy lobster sauce with buttered rice) 90k to share among us three with two glasses of their Homemade ice lemon mint tea (38k) and a bottle of Equil (25k) for me.

Period of time for food to be served? Shockingly prompt! And exactly how lighter meals should be enjoyed, they served all three together at the same time. I feel like I don't need the urge to explain how it taste one by one on each items as we enjoyed all of them and find it hard to pick a favorite. Bottom line, book yourself a table and hopefully you'll experience the same thing as I did, One of my best lunch. Cheers!

Le Jardin - Moovina
Plaza Indonesia 3rd flr #119 & 4th flr #06
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav 28-30
Ph. +6221 29924567/ +6287885368895 (Le Jardin)
Ph. +6221 29923999/ +6287885368896 (Mezzanine)


Anonymous said...

Hi Ivy,
salam kenal ya.. Kemarin ngga sengaja nemu blog nya pas lagi googling Japanese roll cake dan akhirnya nyemplung deh baca postingan2 lain.. nice blog :)

Btw udah sering denger ttg Moovina tp belum sempet ke Jakarta lagi dan review ini bikin ngiler deh.. Hehehe.
Thanks ya.


Ivy said...

Hi Neysa...

Thanks for visiting! will definitely look into yours soon. :)

Btw, iya lagi happening bgt si Moovina hehehe. Tapi memang enak makanannya.

Chuzai Living said...

Great post about Le Jardin! I went there the other day and I loved it. I find your photos pretty, too. I love taking photos of restaurant and food as well. Happy Friday!