Tuesday, October 9, 2012

[CLOSED] Moovina (Mezzanine)

Moovina is a new dining concept recently open at Plaza Indonesia under the same management of the Italian bistro, Ocha & Bella. The place divided into two levels with the one at the lower floor, Le Jardin, serving a lighter type of food and the one at the upper floor, Mezzanine, serving heavier food selections. Each of the sections have their own entrance but there's a stair inside the restaurant to connect both levels. They really put a big effort on the concept. The place is beautiful! The first one is a chic garden theme with comfy grey couches, white rattan chairs and artificial trees, there's even a beautiful flower shop inside. The whole concept is so pretty. While the latter one is more modernly designed with open kitchen and glass window viewing Thamrin's main road. There's also a bar section with long couches and dimmer lights on the parts of the room. 

Le Jardin
Open kitchen at Mezzanine
Dining room at Mezzanine
Bar section at Mezzanine

Last Sunday when I went there with my girls, we choose to try the Mezzanine first. So for this post, the entire reviews focus on it instead of Le Jardin. The menu serves a fusion of French and Vietnamese cuisines with a medium high price range. We ordered four types of main courses and put it in the centre so we can all try each of the dishes. Fillet du saumon (Norwegian salmon fillet) 165k, Pork ribs (Caramelized garlic baby back pork ribs) 155k, Cote de porc (Double cut pork chop) 155k and Fettucini carbonara (Pasta with pork belly in carbonara cream sauce) 80k.

The service was partly good, partly irritating. When I asked for tissue to one of the staff (looks like someone with higher position looking from the different attire), he pointed at a sheet of tissue under my cutlery. One of my friends was offended and cynically asked him "We can't ask for another tissue? that we have to use the one supposeably used as the cutlery's mat?". He didn't say a word, no smile, no nodding, only turning his back and came back with a sheet... I repeat, a sheet... of tissue directly from his hand and not several sheets of tissues placed in a plate or tissue place. Ironic right? Seeing those kind of service coming from someone with higher position who was supposed to give a good example to his team.

All the food was served after 50 minutes of waiting (yes, we did the counting). Luckily, we did plan to stay there longer to chat and we were not in a starving mode, so we didn't really bother to rush them. Aside from those, the service was okay.

Norwegian salmon fillet
Caramelized garlic baby back pork ribs
Double cut pork chop
Fettucini carbonara
Priced at 38k per items

The food presentation was good, put in some sort of hotplate pan in exchange of a standard plate. I like the salmon very much, tender on the meat, crisp on the skin, seasoning was perfect. The salmon was quite thick so it was fulfilling. I also like the pork chop, generous portion and the meat was tender, although it tasted a bit bland that I need to dip it with chilli sauce to add extra flavor. I didn't taste the pork ribs and the pasta, but the ribs were good according to my friends. Not on the pasta though, the fettucini was too thick and the flavor was too salty.

Although some of the food were not worth the price, but I did enjoyed my lunch. I think the food were good and I like the whole ambiance. Hopefully I can find a time soon to visit their Le Jardin. So, have you been to Moovina? What do you think?

Plaza Indonesia 3rd flr #119 & 4th flr #06
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav 28-30
Ph. +6221 29924567/ +6287885368895 (Le Jardin)
Ph. +6221 29923999/ +6287885368896 (Mezzanine)


Cend Woo said...

BOOOOO . annoying service but beside that the place itself is very inviting .

irene said...

never been there, but the food presentation deserves high score!

Ivy said...

@cendwoo: hopefully by the time you're visiting, the service had improved.
@irene: yes, luv it when they put an effort not only on the food taste but also on the presentation.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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all about me said...

I've been to Mezzanine once for dinner. The food was good, the wine also good. and luckily i've got good service there. Surely will come again one day and try the lower level, Le Jardin