Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blacklisted Coffee

About a month ago, Hubby and I went to Puri Mall. It is definitely a mall we barely go to, and the reason we chose to go that night was because they are one of the closest mall that still showing The Bourne Legacy after almost a month airing. Unfortunately for us, by the time we reached there it was left only 10 minutes before the show and we were starving, so we decided to skip the movie and go with Resident Evil instead as the show time was later, in that way we have some time to eat first.

Wandering the shopping mall, I noticed some things had been changed since the last time I went here, which was around 3 - 4 years ago maybe. There was a section of open air terrace restaurants lining in the front of the side lobby. Without knowing what to expect, we try our luck by entering the newly opened Blacklisted Coffee.

The place was small with shocking yellow painted all over the wooden walls. Even though the place was named with Blacklisted Coffee, but they served quite variety of main courses from Indonesian's chicken soto to Italian spaghetti and western type of food such as fish n chips. As I am so not a coffee addict, I skipped the wide selections of coffee they have without knowing their coffee beans were freshly roasted and blended according to the formula of a coffee expert, a world Barista championship judge from Australia named Saxon Wright. Hell, I didn't even know who he was, later that night I got a text from Culinary Bonanza to attend Blacklisted Coffee's food tasting the next day and she mentioned about Saxon Wright. Shamelessly admitted that this was my reply to her, "What is Saxon Wright? Type of coffee?". I was just so relieved that the conversation happened on texting, so at least I was the only one who could feel that slowly my face turning red when she replied me, "No... He was a world Barista championship judge from Australia". >.<

Anyway, I didn't go to the food tasting so I'll only be reviewing on what we ordered that night, Grilled Salmon (60k), a plate of grilled Norwegian salmon fillet coated with sambal on top of mashed potatoes. I love this dish. The salmon skin was crisp yet the meat was very tender, in my opinion the sambal rica rica was really something good to added a different taste for the whole flavor. My husband ordered Fish and Chip, the meat was good, no fishy smell and tender but we both agreed the batter was too thick. If only we were not rushed for the movies, I was actually wanted to try one of their selections cakes.

Grilled Salmon
Fish n Chips
Chamomile Tea (18k)

I'm glad that our impromptu visit that night turned to be quite a blast. If I happen to be in the neighborhood, I will surely pay a second visit. 

Blacklisted Coffee
Mall Puri Indah GF Unit 71
Jl. Puri Agung, Puri Indah
West Jakarta
Ph. +6221 5823332
Opening hours: 10am - 11pm

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