Thursday, November 1, 2012

Seven Deadly Sins in Beauty

**Alert: This is a non food post. Skip it if the only thing interest you in this world is food.**

Gosh... It feels like ages since the last time I wrote.

The feeling literally popped in the moment I type, so weird that I have to turn to the home page to see my last posting date... 16 days ago... It might not seem too long but personally for me, this is the longest time I didn't blog since Ivy's life's first entry around a year ago. It's funny as writing is sort of the thing I'm obsessed to. Something that always seemed to calm me down when I am feeling tense or simply have too much thought that I just need to let it out... in words. However, lately I haven't been doing such. 

These past recent days, I have not been productive. Lately still okay but around the first 5 days of last week, I literally almost didn't do anything. I didn't step outside the house even for once, I didn't cook, I didn't open my blog, I didn't tweet, I didn't even bother to look at any recent post in twitter, IG or FB, I simply almost didn't do anything with my life except... Blog walking! And no, not in food department. I haven't even read a single post from fellow foodies on my blog list which I normally always do.

It all started from a night cream...

I have my skin care routine but I used to never really give a thought on how important a night cream is until couple weeks ago, it strikes me that I am now in my late 20s and I should start doing some serious beauty investment for the sake of my now & then skin. You know those people who said "Age is just a number"? I never buy that. I mean, try stand in front of the mirror when you are 50, let's see if you still can say that age is just a number.
Anyway, a week ago I started to do some googling on which night cream worth to invest on, and from that simple search... I found way too much informative beauty treasures from all the beauty bloggers or vloggers around. And just like that, for the entire 5 days, I was hooked.

To make it short, One of so many things that caught my attention while I was browsing through You Tube was a beauty tag of seven deadly sins in beauty. I find it too cute to not participate on blogging it, so here it is... just for fun...


Q: What is your most inexpensive beauty product?
A: My eyebrow pencil. It's a cheap Korean brand, Etude. I think it's only around IDR 35,000++. Online price, don't buy at mall. 

Q: What is your most expensive beauty product?
A: A set of Kanebo Impress skincare.

Q: What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with?
A: Eye liner. I don't use make up a lot, but I love eye liner as my eyes are quite small so it's important for me to use eye liner. However, I hate it when it gets smudges after hours. I have tried many kinds of eye liners from Mac, Revlon, Bobby Brown which seems like every women's holy grail but didn't work for me, and right now am using Kanebo. I like the last one the most so far, but still it can't last all day. Anyone ever heard of Dolly wink liquid eyeliner? I think it's Korea or Japan brand. Recently I saw it was featured in a beauty magazine as one of the best of top 20 eyeliners. I ordered online and haven't received it. Finger crossed this one will be my personal fave.

Q: What is your most delicious beauty product?
A: It will be my sets of Bath & Body Works hand sanitizers. I love them! I have a draw full of them and still can't stop purchasing it whenever I saw those cutie came in new arrivals scent. It smells delicious with cute packaging.

Q: What beauty product do you neglect, due to your laziness?
A: Body lotion. Sometimes I am just to lazy or in too much hurry to apply the lotion. 

Q: What beauty product gives you the most confidence?
A: Perfume. I believe a good smell of scent can boost up the confidence.

Q: What attribute do you find the most attractive in the opposite sex?
A: A good sense of humor. I personally thinks a good sense of humor in a man is crucial. Especially if you're married, you know... living in the same roof, seeing him every single day, I think having a guy who can cracks you up everyday is one of the key to a happy non boring marriage life. ;)

Q: What item would like most to receive as a gift?
A: Handbag. I love bags. I so wish that I can just point my finger to each of handbags that I like in the new Harper's Bazaar and it will magically show up in front of me. Dreaming, I know.

Lazy selfish 5 days of being away from all daily routines and just do what my heart wants to at that exact moment. 


Cend Woo said...

YESSS!!! perfume and bags!! totally agreeee

Ivy said...

2 of the good things in life... :)

Anonymous said...

coba eyeliner liquid AUBEAU deh, aku sih cocok banget dan emang aweeet banget. Kena air berapa kali juga masih hits kecuali digaruk hehe. Murah jg harganya cm di Mall besar jarang ada,coba cari aja di jkt soalnya aku di bdg :)

Ivy said...

@yuvie: wahh thanks ya rekomendasinya. Langsung mupeng gitu denger awettt hehehe. Mau lgs search2 :)

Chlöe Hughes said...

oooo love yours and your blog!
i did the tagg to please check it out :) xxx