Tuesday, July 26, 2011


From de Luca, we were actually very full already, but I really wanted to try their Palmier since I read the review on Jenzcorner. My poor hubby were sleepy and wanted to just go home and sleep, yet I still forced him to seep a glass of coffee first. 

Unlike de Luca, Monolog's ambiance was with light wood & bricks and bright lights. They had pastry selections displayed so we can see and pick the pastry our self. The place itself was very modern looking, minimalist and good for place to hang out.

We ordered Flat white (28k) for the coffee and Iced chocolate hazelnut praline (38k). For the pastry, they had buy 1 get 1 promo starts from 8pm. I of course chose Palmier (10k) and for the free one, we chose Almond financier. Palmier was like Genji Pie from Monde which you can find in supermarket, but this one was thicker, bigger and 10 times more delicious. Loved it so much that I regretted why I didn't bought some for take away. The financier was served cold since it was almost 10pm, and perhaps will be nicer to eat if it was hot. My iced chocolate hazelnut praline was not good at all. The waiter told me that their chocolate was handmade and melted with hazelnut, but the chocolate was way too much that it was too thick to drank. I asked them to put more water inside but the taste was still too viscous that I ended only took 2 seeps. However, I will be coming back for their delicious palmier and other pastries.

Plaza Senayan parking lot P1
Jl. Asia Afrika 
Ph. +6221 5725144

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