Friday, July 1, 2011

Garden @ Royal Bali Beach Club

We saw this beach club across Intercontinental and they have the sign board about the restaurant inside along with some of the menu pictures. It looked interesting so we went in for lunch. The place was not big, it was an outdoor garden with pools and cabanas where people can just swim and relax, while the restaurant named Garden was next to the swimming pool. It was very small, only 4 - 5 tables. They have 16 units of apartment to be rented.

We sat down and start to order. I was craving for Indonesian food so I chose Bebek Betutu (85k). It was a roasted duck with balinese spices, served with mixed vegetables w/ coconut sauce (urap) and yellow rice. I think it was ok, the duck was crispy and not as skinny as the one in Bebek Bengil. =)
My husband chose grill fish (75k). Marinated mahi mahi fillet with lemon butter sauce. It came with salad and potatoes. It was only so so, nothing special. 

Bebek Betutu
Grill fish

Lady Killer (Midori, grapefruit juice, lime juice) 60k

Garden @ Royal Bali Beach Club
Jl. Uluwatu, Jimbaran - Bali
Ph. +62361 707731

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