Friday, July 1, 2011

Menega Cafe @Jimbaran beach Bali

After we checked in, we went for swimming in the pool and walk to Jimbaran beach and turns out it was only walking distance to Menega seafood. It was already crowded with people. I think they were all eating while waiting for sunset. 

It was around 5pm when we finished ordering and it took forever for our orders to be served. At first, we didn't really notice as we were enjoying the beach view but when our stomach were starting to give the hungry code, we were surprised to see the time had past 1 hour so my husband went in and asked the waiter about our food, and he hasn't even finished asking when the waiter just shut him and told us to just wait. Between hungry and angry, we waited again. Another 1 hour, we asked them again and another unfavorable replied was received. We were losing patience and about to ask for the bill to pay for our drinks when the meals finally served. 2 hours 10 minutes! It was literally the longest time we ever waited for our orders to be served. 

Grilled squid and Jumbo prawn
Grilled Blood Clam

We also ordered fried snapper but I forgot to took the pictures. Overall, beside the fish, I think the meals was ok but I will definitely never putting my foot again in this place, not only because the servings took forever, but because the waiters were insanely arrogant and rude. 

Menega Cafe
Fresh grilled seafood
Muaya beach - Jimbaran
Ph. +62361 705888

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