Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sushi Masa Muara Baru Jakarta

Lately, foodie enthusiastic, especially who stays at North has been hearing news about a so called mysterious sushi place opens at a secluded area somewhere in Muara Baru. For those who never heard of Muara Baru, the neighborhood mostly known for its port activities including fish shelter and warehouse complex. In conclusion, not a place to expect a sushi place or even any kinds of restaurants to open.

Though I was a bit skeptical, the words on how fresh and fantastic their sushi is has brought me there couple nights ago. Muara Baru might be a familiar name for people who stay nearby Pluit, Muara Karang or PIK, but many might never step inside the location, including me. The place was not hard to find, just follow my directions on the below page and you will definitely find it, if you feel like you have been driving way too far to the end and think that you might be taking the wrong turn or something, you're not. The place is indeed very remote and located at the end. Placed next to a bank, the tall grey building not even has a signboard of Sushi Masa in the front. If the whole being secretive is one of their marketing strategy, they succeeded.

You can only come here by car, and nothing else, parked inside the building. The air outside the building has strong fishy smells as it is very near to the fish shelter. Sushi Masa located on the 3rd floor, and the minute the elevator doors opened, we were highly surprised. The restaurant took entire floor and was nothing like I would ever imagined. The place felt very much Japanese like, not only because of the waitresses with yukata uniform or all the Japanese words shouted, but more to the whole ambiance. Natural wood application on the whole room with dimmer lighting at the front area. At the back area where sushi bar located, the room light was brighter and I chose to be seated in a table beside the bar. The Japanese chef, who was also the owner politely greeted us in Japanese language which only he could understand. Sorry. He was behind the sushi bar and though I saw couple of local chefs, but when it comes to sashimi dishes, it appeared the Japanese chef himself who did all the slicing and preparation.

The menu book didn't come with any explanation on what the dish about, so we have to ask it one by one, salute to the waitresses for the very good knowledge.
**updated info: The menu now comes with some pictures and details. 

Chawanmusi (25k) 
Smooth, soft and warm Japanese custard with mushrooms and kamaboko fish cakes, I didn't find any seafood or meat inside. It was good but nothing special to be written about.

Sashimi Teishoku Set (120k) 
4 types of sashimi. The waitresses informed us that the set will includes maguro (tuna) and salmon, but for the other 2 types will depends on what the chef prepared. We got ebi (shrimp) and snapper I think. The sashimi was so so fresh, it was fatty and so delicious. Initially, we wanted to order the ala carte for sashimi, but as it was our first time, we thought a set of several types would be much better choice to taste different kinds. The ala carte price for salmon sashimi is 12k/pc. I've been told for the ala carte sashimi would come in fatter slice, oh yum, next time!!

Unagi sushi (95k/pc)
Hubs loves unagi. It's one of his must order dish when it comes to Japanese food. The price tag of 95k per pc was not cheap, but it was soooo good. I can't elaborate further on how it was, but you could definitely taste the difference.

Tuna Spicy Sushi (35k)
This one was the affordable menu, 35k only for 6pcs of tuna spicy sushi. I didn't expect much as it looks standard but surprisingly good. I'm not sure if the fresh tuna made the whole sushi tasted different, but it came with nice flavor that we didn't even need the soy sauce to add some saltiness.

Tori Karaage (50k) and Niku Udon (70k)
5pcs of fried boneless chicken. Nothing special to be told about, it was just okay. The Niku udon was okay, came with tender slices of beef and wakame (seaweed). The soup was savory but weirdly tasted a bit sweet. It was a decent udon, but not spectacular. I still prefer the one from Marugame.

Karae Yaki Set (450k) 
The fish was lemon sole, perfectly pan grilled, the meat was tender and moist, not overly dry while the outside was pretty crisp. Came with a bowl of rice and miso soup. The fish was nicely cooked, good flavor and very fresh. But somehow I still think it wasn't worth the price. 

Sushi Sakura (350k)
6pcs of sushi with 1 sushi rolls. It's sort of like Omakase (leave it to the chef) where you don't know what the kinds of sushi would be on the plate. However, if there's any kinds of sushi you allergic or you don't feel like want to, you can tell the waiter upon ordering. No words needed, all were fresh and delicious.

Makaki (Oyster) 190k/pc and Salmon Sashimi (12k/pc)
The oyster is pricey but it's big and fresh, so I guess you paid for what you get. :)

So do I think the place worth it? If you are someone who loves Japanese food especially sashimi (raw fish), I would say, YES, it was very worth it. As they import all the ingredients from Japan, except the salmon was from Norway. No local fish served and I do have to emphasize on the freshness of the ingredients they used. The imported ingredients came twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday. I would recommend to stick with ordering the fresh sashimi seeing how it was their specialty, though I also heard many good compliments on the grilled oyster and beef hobayaki.

Yes, the price range might be a bit steep, some of them range in 300 - 1 million, but there are also many dishes with much affordable price, start from 35k though it might not involve much of sashimi or other imported meat. Personally, I think looking from the fresh ingredients they use, their price is still okay comparing to other Japanese dining, Kinokawa for example. 
If you are someone who care on quality, this is definitely your place. Prepare to get a whole new experience of sushi dining with Japanese ambiance, guaranteed. 

Sushi Masa 
Jl. Tuna Raya No. 5
(Grey building 3rd floor) 
Muara Baru, North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29263561
Opening hours: 12 noon - 2pm, 6 - 10pm (closed on Monday)
Directions: From Pluit, with Pluit hospital and car showrooms on your right, turn left in the intersection (where if you turn right is Gedong Panjang). After the left turn, just go straight until you meet a ticket booth, pay 1500 rupiah and keep going straight until end of the road and turn left, then turn right. You will see BNI bank on your left and a tall grey building besides it. Sushi Masa located on the 3rd floor of the building. 

**Updated per Sep 7th, 2014. 


Stacia Ho said...

I tried it today.. Youre dead-on on the freshness and quality! :D

Ivy said...

I know ritee?!! Can't wait until the flood is over to hv my second visit.

Alodia May said...

You should try the otoro sashimi and uni sushi.
They are faultless :)

raquell agustien said...

makasih yah atas informasinya, jangan lupa kunjungi blog aku juga.