Thursday, January 9, 2014

[CLOSED] TANG WANG Dessert House

After Hong Tang and Tong Fu, here comes another dessert house carrying two Chinese syllable as the brand's name. I normally enthusiastically welcome any new diners, but with too many dessert shops suddenly open side by side at one of the street sections in PIK, or popularly known as Hong Tang's street, it becomes too common and less attractive.

When I saw Tang Wang opens on Christmas day, my first thought was another place offering the same type of desserts with so so taste. It took me 12 days after their opening to finally have my first visit. Twelve days might seem short, but having to pass by the place more than 3 times and not even thought on dropping by is not something I normally would do.  

The interior had nothing to be highlighted about. Orange couches, orange table, too many orange. I do wish they would come with nicer design to make the place comfier. As what in the menu, I'd say they offer more on fruit base desserts, though there are several other types. Chocolate lava, creme brulee and peanut mochi are some of them. The price range is between 25 - 46k. I chose Mango Carnival (36k), a plate of three kinds; mango chewy ball, mango sticky rice and chocolate pudding.

Mango chewy ball

Blended mango with cuts of mangoes and chewy balls on the top. I loved it! It was sweet and sour at the same time, the chewy balls texture was good and generous cuts of fresh mangoes. I could never have enough mangoes.

Chocolate pudding

Chocolate pudding with a scoop of chocolate ice cream and chocolate sprinkles on top. Definitely a dessert for chocolate lovers. When I saw all those chocolates, I thought it would be a heavy dessert, but the pudding turns out to be very light while the ice cream was not overly sweet.

Mango sticky rice

Sticky rice with cuts of mangoes and corn flakes on top. The sticky rice was warm and gooey, not sweet so it went well pairing with the sweet mangoes, and the corn flakes was a nice touch for a bit of crunchy sensation.

Frankly speaking, I didn't think I will like their desserts but I do, I really do. Surprisingly, out of the three I tried, all of them were very good and it was such a good deal. Three kinds of desserts for 36k only! Imagine coming with two of your friends, having a scrumptious desserts and only paid 36k. Nice!

Tang Wang
Ruko Garden House Blok B 26
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29033426

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Stanislaus Hans Danial Subianto said...

Why are the desserts in such small portions?