Friday, February 7, 2014

The ORI Smoke Barbeque Bistro

My visit to Lotte Shopping Avenue can be counted by fingers of one hand. Even though the mall has lots of new dining options, but the traffic to go there often made me think twice, sometimes thrice. I remember it was either a Sunday or a public holiday when we went to Lotte with a clear purpose, the ORI. 

I didn't take much pictures of the interior as the whole ambiance was using dimmed light and I only carried Iphone with me. The good news for non smokers is the smoking and non smoking section are far separated. Smoking section has brighter lighting placed at the back of the bistro beside the windows with round couches seating, while the non smoking sectioned at the front with modern tatami style seating where we can still wear our shoes. 

The unique thing is they smoked the meat using induction system, not using any charcoal or fire. Unlike other Korean diners, they offer duck meat as their specialty. Their menu book was one of the most impressive one I've seen so far, features mouthwatering and beautiful shots of their F&B. The specialty, Ori (smoke duck) 150k, gorgeous presentation as seen as in the menu book. Came with slices of red tender duck meat, thin slice and deep fried veggies as the garnish and 3 kinds of dipping sauces (mustard, soy sauce, mango).

The Samgyupsal (pork belly) 110k, was as good as the duck. Tender cuts of meat, juicy and less oily due to the smoke cooking system. One thing I have to point out though, even both of the dishes were more than fine, but the presentation and the whole taste made me feel like I was eating two plates of cold platters instead of Korean BBQ meat.

What was supposed to be our appetizers came last,  Seafood pajeon (78k) filled with generous amount of seafood, shallots and veggies. Moist, good flavor but too flabby fried. It depends on each personal taste, but I like my pajeon to be more crisp. The Japchae (85k) comes with two options of meat, beef or pork. We went with pork. Good flavor, delicious, ridiculous tiny portion and weird presentation. I couldn't understand why they garnished it with the sweet plum sauce. Somehow, I think they over imposing on the whole presentation. 

The Chicken wings & drumstick (65k) served after we almost finished our meal. It came with three kinds of dipping sauces as well, sweet chili, sesame oil and I forgot the other one. :) The chicken was good, the only regret was it came when our belly was pretty much bloated. You know how everything is less tasty when you eat with full tummy rite?

Overall, I would say I have an okay lunch at The ORI. Don't get me wrong on why I only put it as okay instead of great or other more flattering words, their food was good. It's just not something I would expect from Korean cuisine. It felt more western than Korean. When I think of Korean food, I like the good old fashioned way, grilled, wrapped with veggies, have as many as banchan as I could. But if you are looking for a modern and beautiful kind of Korean cuisine, The ORI definitely suited you. 

The ORI Smoke Barbeque Bistro
Lotte Shopping Avenue 3rd Flr
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav 3-5 Karet
Kuningan, South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29889398

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