Monday, February 17, 2014

Kedai Ribs by Nasi Campur Putri Kenanga

They were considerably numbers of new restaurants open at Baywalk Mall and one of them was this ribs specialty by the famous Nasi Campur Putri Kenanga. Just like most of other restaurants at Baywalk, they too have outdoor dining area to enjoy the sea view, though it was dark at night and practically nothing to see.

The interior was alright. I appreciated the owner put an effort to make the diners comfy with the sort of barn look a like, the colorful shades of chairs and what they did with the lamps was pretty creative, makes the whole ceiling far from ordinary.

Sate Babi Pedas (Balinese pork satay served with steamed rice) 53k for 5pc
The skewers were good. Big chunks, a bit felt like chicken than pork, the meat was tender though they were a bit over grilled in my opinion.

Tower Onion Rings (22k)
Good looking fried onion rings, but it was sliced too thin with overly thick batter. It was crisp, but we almost didn't feel the onions.

Grilled pork ribs Jimbaran (Grilled pork ribs half rack, marinated and served with veggies and choices of mashed potatoes, fries or steamed rice) 115k

First look, it was huge! and I loved how it was marinated well but in a dry kind of way, not overly sauced. The meat was super tender and not oily, however it was served a bit cold, not in just out of refrigerator kind of way, more like they might have medium grilled it before hand and then just redo the grilling to well done upon customer's order. Aside from it wasn't served hot, it was a decent ribs.

I would say they stand a good chance for porky lovers, they know how to serve a well juicy good pork. Even if you don't eat pork, the place still suits you as they also serving chicken and plenty of traditional kind of food like Serabi, grilled corn, fried banana and various choices of sweet iced desserts in affordable price range.

Baywalk Mall @Green Bay Pluit
Jl. Pluit Karang Ayu B1 Utara 5th flr
(In front of the food court)
North Jakarta

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