Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fook Yew

Fook is fortune, Yew is friendship. FOOK YEW!

Have I mention that I adore all diners' concept under Ismaya group? Fook Yew is the newest addition as well as the very first Chinese restaurant under the group. Before I went there, I thought the place will be looking all fancy and grand, turns out the design concept was very much out of the box. I don't know maybe I'm wrong, but the first time I saw the place, I think of it as very Shanghai, particularly because of the striking red bird cage lamps hanging on the ceiling. The place was so colorful and fun, so many interesting object to adore and to get a shot at, from the funny shout outs written all over the walls, the bright color tables with also interesting shout out to read, right until the cute salt & pepper that simply so Chinese. I love it how they combine traditional Chinese into a modern unique concept. Again, the name of Ismaya seems to never fail in bringing an unique and great concept design. 

The menu was so unique too. Too bad of all the many many pictures I took, I simply forgot to take a single shot of the menu book. Anyway, I do my best to describe it. Let's talk on the beverages first, Fook Yew offered range of bubble tea selections which divided into non alcoholic with alcoholic one. The non alcoholic bubble tea was named based on all the famous Kung Fu Chinese movie, such as Shaolin soccer, From Beijing with love, The last emperor, Seven swords, etc. While the alcoholic one's name was based on the twelve Chinese astrology horoscopes (read: shio).

Price tag at 35k on all the non alcoholic bubble tea was not cheap yet also not to be missed out, we chose IP Man (green tea milk with red bean topping), Taichi master (orange chunk, melon chunk, apple juice, fresh lemon juice with melon, orange chunk and tapioca balls toppings), and Kungfu hustle (Thai tea with tapioca balls and grass jelly toppings). I can't comment on the thai tea and green tea milk as I didn't taste it, but my Taichi master was very good, a balanced sweet and sour with generous chunks of melon and orange, refreshing and yummy.

(Left to right) Kungfu Hustle, Taichi Master and IP Man

Looking through the menu, I found they didn't have wide selections on the Chinese main course dishes, the simpler menu from noodle to fried rice were looking more attractive, so we chose Black pepper Sheng Jian Bao (27k), Macau fried seafood noodle with egg sauce (49k), Spaghetti crispy chicken with black pepper sauce (49k) and Chicken fillet and tomato sauce baked rice (59k). We like all the foods. The sheng jian bao's skin was not too thick, the meat inside were juicy and I like it how the juicy gelatin burst out the moment we bite it. The spaghetti was cooked ala Chinese and not Italian so it tasted more like stir fried Hokian noodle, but it was good, not mushy, well seasoned. I also like the baked rice, covered and baked in tomato sauce gives a hint of sourness.

Black pepper Sheng Jian Bao
Macau fried seafood noodle with egg sauce
Spaghetti crispy chicken with black pepper sauce
Chicken fillet and tomato sauce baked rice

Overall, I can't seem to find a thing not too like about this place. Although the super polite waiter turn me off a bit, she was polite, but too much. She kept coming to our table asking is everything ok, do you need anything, everytime we were finish with one dish, in one second she will come to take the plate. It was ok on the few first attempts, but later on it was simply irritating as we were chatting and having conversation and truly were bothered by the too many visits and questions from her. But hey, better too polite than too rude rite?

Let's go to Fook Yew everyone! :)

Fook Yew
Gandaria City, Main street Ground Flr
Jl. KH. M. Syafii Hadzami No.8
Kebayoran Lama
Ph. +6221 29007897

Opening soon at: Grand Indonesia


Inez Fransisca said...

Looks like the design is great also teh food. I am so curious about their bubble tea, going to visit them asap

irene said...

so interesting! hehe cheeky decor, and I love the names of the food! mmm would love to try someday! :))

Ivy said...

@inez: yes, their bubble teas are worth to try.

@irene: you should when u back for holiday next time. :)

cindy said...

mau kesini besokkkkk...doakan supaya jadi haha..penasaran banget. bubble tea nya lucu bener ya nama2nya. kalo yang ada alcohol nya berapaan?

Ivy said...

Hahaha iyaaa moga2 jadi yakkk. Hmmm klo ga salah inget sih sama 35k juga cin.

cindy said...

ud kesana sabtu kemarin :) harga yang alcohol nya 69k !! ga jadi beli akhir nya haha...

Ivy said...

wakss mahal benerrr... hehehe suka ga cin makanannya? tempatnya lucu yak?

elvina febriani said...

the baked rice looks so temptinggg... jd ngiler

Ivy said...

Hehehe iya aku sih suka tp ada yg bilang tll asem krn tll byk tomat.