Sunday, July 8, 2012

Top Yammie Chinese Rest

One night, my parents along with hubby and I went for a dinner at Top Yammie. It was a Chinese restaurant located inside an alley just beside Lindeteves Trade Centre. The place was quite big with standard interior, bright lighting and natural light wood on the furniture. 

I was quite surprised to see the menu comes with no prices written since it was a family restaurant. That night, we ordered Yam mien special (29k), Salt chicken - half (80k), Garlic frog hotplate (80,5k), Pocai with garlic (34,5k) and Pork hotplate (57,5k). Service was very fast and the food was served hot. I forgot to take the picture of the yamien noodle, but it was delicious. Noodle was firm with generous slices of chicken on the top. I also like the garlic frog, usually I don't eat frog, but this one was too tempted to be missed out, the frog was fat and tender, sauce was delicious. The chicken was a disappointment though, it was too dry. I didn't taste the pork, but my folks and hubby seems to enjoyed it.

Po Cai Bawang Putih
Sapo Kodok Bawang Putih
Sapo Kaki Babi
Ayam Garam

Overall, even I personally think the price was too high compared on the venue and the taste itself, but Top Yammie can be an option for a casual family dinner.

Top Yammie
Jl. Labu No. 5
Ph. +6221 6595777

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