Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Menya Musashi Ramen @Raffles City Singapore

After wandering around and took some rest back to hotel, we decided to have our lunch at Menya Musashi (means Musashi ramen shop). They are one of the most popular rated ramen in Japan and several months ago, they opened their first branch at Raffles City. Their Shinjuku branch was always packed with customers and according to words I heard, during the opening week in Spore, long queue was always spotted, so I was very excited to try. The word ‘Musashi’ actually refers to the legendary samurai Musashi, which also explains its samurai themed logo in the decor.

They were serving Tokyo akiba curry ramen ($14.9) which was claimed as the best seller ramen in Akihabara, Tokyo for a limited time only, so we chose that along with White kakuni ramen ($14.9) and Pork Gyoza ($5.9)

The kakuni ramen has with three types of soup base from white (original), black (black sauce) and red (spicy). Ours white kakuni ramen comes with two pork belly, half cooked tamago, mushrooms and a sheet of seaweed. The curry ramen comes with slices of beef and tamago, the broth is thick and savory. I like the kakuni ramen better though, simply because I don't fancy curry in ramen.  

Overall, it was good although to me it was not as memorable as Ippudo or Santouka, the other fellow ramen in Spore. 

Menya Musashi Ramen
Raffles City #01-16
225 North Bridge Road 
Ph. +65 63366500
Opening hours: 11am - 10pm

Other branch: Ion Orchard #B3-25.

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Charles Tjahaja said...

The black ramen (Tsukemen) is awesome. I think it's better than Ikkousha. But for me, the best ramen is still going to be Santouka Ramen. Cheers!