Friday, July 20, 2012

Dean & Deluca @Orchard Central Singapore

Last week, I went for a 3 days short trip to Spore with my ex colleagues. It's really something that we are all still hanging out and pretty close with one another even though we had resigned from the company for quite some time. Sadly, two of us were not able to join the trip so it was only three of us departing from Jakarta meeting the other 1 who stays in Spore. Our main purpose for this trip besides of just hang out and having fun was food hunting! One of the girls even made a very impressive list of what we called our food itinerary since the list didn't have other agenda than food. :)

Dean & Deluca is New York's most iconic gourmet store which established on 1977 as a small grocery store in the corner of SoHo, and since then they had widely expanded into fast food & cafe chains to cities around the states and slowly branches out internationally. Spore is the 8th country to have Dean & Deluca.
Offering the best food products from around the world, the first outlet took quite space at the 4th level of Orchard Central. Designed semi open air with the classic black & white, there was an alley full of products from herbs & spices, candies & chocolates, coffee & tea and many more. 

The concept was semi self service where we queue up for order, pay and the waiter will give you a number and deliver the order to your table. I do recommend to get a table first before queuing as they didn't have many tables around, the place itself was occupied more for the grocery store. Dean & Deluca is famous for their bread and pastry selections aside from the all day breakfast. In the self service counter, selections of bread, cakes and salad were displayed temptingly. There was a section in the corner where we can get free refillable iced water.

After a very thoughtful consideration, I chose Chicken burrito ($22), chicken, black bean, tomato, salsa, guacamole and cheese in tortilla wrap. It was not good and tasted very bland that I didn't even finish them. Too bad. While, my friend was in better luck. Her American country breakfast ($22) was delicious! Large portions of eggs, bacon, hash brown, sauteed portobello mushrooms, pork sausage, roasted cherry tomatoes with toasted multi grain bread. Everything in the plate was addictive and well seasoned, the pork sausage was to die for. Days later, my other friend have a brunch there and ordered their brioche french toast with salted caramelized banana and Belgian waffle with maple syrup. She said both tasted super! I literally drooled when I saw the picture she sent.

Chicken Burrito
American Country Breakfast

Here's pictures of what my friend eats:

With the so many interesting products to buy at the grocery store and the delicious meal they served, I think Dean & Deluca will be a place I often go whenever I visit Spore. Totally recommended! 

Dean & Deluca
Orchard Central Level 4, 23-24
181 Orchard Road, Singapore
Ph. +65 65097708
Open: 11am - 10pm


Ellyna Tjohnardi said...

Wow, I am SO going to visit Dean & Deluca in my August. I just cannot resist the concept of resto/self-service/grocery store selling stuff I've never seen before. Somehow reminds me of Ranch Market and IKEA =)

Ivy said...

you REALLY should. Ever since, I had been telling most of my friends to must visit whenever they go to Spore. The products they selling is so great, even if we didn't buy any, still such joy for the eyes. hahaha Let me know wat u think later when u have go there. ;)