Tuesday, July 17, 2012

[CLOSED] Madelaine Bistro

Madelaine Bistro is a French inspired bistro located in Kemang. I have been wanting to go here for quite some time mostly because all the good words I heard about their delicious food. So, I was very excited when they were having a voucher promo on Disdus. One day before the voucher's expiry date, hubby and I went there for dinner. With traffic condition nowadays, it was a struggle to drive from our home to Kemang. 

Madelaine located inside an artistic Kemang 89 building, with a furniture gallery in the same floor. The bistro was designed in a modern way with glass walls filled by pictures' illustration of French women and Eiffel tower. Concept view, it was not really my personal like although I do like the high ceiling with electric fan hanging down giving a nice air circulation to the whole room. 

We were greeted and showed to our table, but then no one came to give us the menu until I ask. I handed the staff our voucher (1 entree + 2 main courses + 2 desserts worth 219k) and he told me that there only three items left to choose from the main course selections, where those three items happen to be the cheapest ones among all. >.< Also, three items left on the desserts selections. Disappointed. Anyway, from those limited options, we chose: 

- Escargots a la madelaine 75k
Garlic buttered snails served on duxelle, fried mushroom and sundried tomato tapenade. 

Main course: 
- Poulet de bresse aux epinards 85k
Oven baked spinach stuffed chicken breast served with polenta cake, mushroom sauce and romaine.

- Doris et ses artichauts 85k
Oven baked fillet of dory served with artichoke ragout and garlic sauce. 

- Trio de gauteaux madelaine 40k
Assorted flavors of macadamia, raspberry and chocolate madelaine cake with chocolate and berries sauce. 

- Gold chocolate cheesecake 40k
Unbaked chocolate flavored cheesecake served with blood orange gelee and oreo crust. 

There were only several tables occupied that night, only 1 table came in large group of 8 persons while the rest were table of two to three persons, yet they were overwhelmed. The food took forever to be served, I think it was the longest I ever waited for a food to be served in a restaurant. Around 40 minutes later (yes, I am not exaggerating, it was that long), our entree finally served. Between starving and cranky, we were surprised to see how petite the portion was. I mean, yes I know French cuisine was supposed to be in small portion, but come on, it even didn't look like an entree, more like amous bousche to me. Luckily, it was delicious, the garlic buttered snails hidden below the romaine and mushrooms duxelle were tender and well seasoned. 

Not long after we finished our entree, main courses were served. Hubby was surprised to see some sort of  chicken sausage being served to him while he order for dory fillet, come to our shock, the manager said that they didn't have anymore dory left in the kitchen, so they replaced it directly to Porcini mushroom stuffed leg of chicken in tarragon sauce without having bother to do a confirmation first if we are ok with it. I can see that even my hubby reacted calm about it, but he was very much piss off, especially when he asked the manager of why didn't he confirm or at least have a courtesy of informing us first before just cooked it and expect us to ok with it. And the manager still without any guilt said that "because you have no other choice, this Porcini mushroom chicken leg was the only thing left in the kitchen". Seriously? Those kind of stupid explanation coming from a manager? So, what... we only get the left over and like it or not must eat?
It is ok if what we ordered was sold out, but at least do have a courtesy to come let us know first before you "force" us to eat whatever you served, like it or not. Even writing about this is pissing me off again.

Although I do admit all the food served right until the desserts were delicious, still I found it extremely hard to say that it was a pleasant dinner. In their defense, they said they were swamped because it was one day before the voucher's expiry date and the afternoon was very crowded with all Disdus' customers. Well, I came at night where only several tables were filled, not in the afternoon. Even so, I think they can be better prepared as all the Disdus' customers were not walk-in customers, they need to reserve first which Madelaine side should be prepared if the food and service will be enough, as obviously they were lack of food and understaffed that night. Even the customer sat beside my table have to go to the kitchen herself to get the chilli sauce, just because the waiter never bring it to her. One of the person sitting in the large group table even just received her main course after all her friends finish with theirs.

If I must say a nice thing about their service, at least they were all very polite despite of the stupid food incident. I am not trying to be harsh on them by giving such a strong review, but it's an honest review. However, to be fair, I do believe that I might be coming in their worst timing as I never heard any bad review about this place and the chef do can cook. I love their food and well... I might be back one day but definitely not with vouchers. Hopefully, by then I can get a better service. 

My husband is someone who never like to go eat with vouchers or promotion, he always told me that eating under promo condition mostly never result to satisfaction. I seldom agree with him on this and keep on being a regular buyer on Disdus, but I finally understand he does have a point and now I am more selective on buying those vouchers. 

Madelaine Bistro
Kemang 89 Building 1st Flr
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 89
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 71794538


cindy said...

BTW, porsi nya emang jadi kecil gara2 pake voucher. Gw baru tau itu dari temen gw yang ud pernah makan disini sebelum nya :( *sigh*

Terus yg menu makanan loe diganti seenak nya, itu sih ga sopan ya. Harus nya sebelum diganti, konfirmasi dulu donk kalo menu yang loe pilih ternyata ud abis. Moga2 loe ga kapok ya beli2 voucher gitu haha

Ivy said...

Iyahh kayanya memang dikurangin. G baru sadar pas liat yg dessert trio madelaine. Di twitter mereka gambarnya hrsnya dpt 3 namanya aja trio. :)

SeorangPrempuan said...

kayanya kalok dateng malam, agak berbeda ya. gue jg beli voucher ini tp gue dtg pas lunch time.

bahkan gue bole pilih semua menu (tdnya di disdusnya nga bole kan) and porsinya jga gede banget (choc cheese cake nya lebih lengkap pas gue pergi) aneh yah -__-"