Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Inspired by Diana Rikasari's post, I end July by doing a post with same theme as her. ;)

So, lately...
  • I've been addicted to traveling.
  • Always have craving for naan bread.
  • Getting bored of bubble tea. 
  • Desperate to lose some weight but can't stop eating.
  • Having a crush with Mr. Bruce Wayne.
  • Learning that people do change. 
  • Saving up to buy a new handbag. 
  • Like to spend more time at home.
  • Been feeling more blessed married to him.
  • Miss to earn my own money.
  • Having the worst mood swing.
  • Enjoying watching Kimchi Chronicles.
  • Had been watching rerun of Meteor Garden for the fourth time.
  • Trying to accept that life has ups and downs. 

 So, what's up with you lately? 


cindy said...

Kalo gw idem juga yang ini -> Having a crush with Mr. Bruce Wayne haha....duhhh apalagi kalo liat dia senyum whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ivy said...

Hahaha charming bgt yah. Ntn lagi cin buat ketiga kalinya hihihi

Ellyna Tjohnardi said...

Ini namanya sindrom GALAU. What happen, dear? Take sometime off aja, travel to the least expected places to refresh ur mind =)

Ivy said...

Hahaha no, i'm okay. cuman lagi moody bgt aja. worst mood swing ever. but traveling seems good. Tx dear! :)