Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hard Rock Cafe

The iconic guitar is back! And it's better than before!

I love their new location at Pacific Place. It's located in the side lobby with outdoor seating facing the main street of SCBD. Super nice to sit there when the weather is friendly. More or less, the inside is not so different with the former one, replica of merchandise and quotes from musician around the world. 

"I won't be a rock star. I will be a legend."
                                                          Freddie Mercury
I was a bit hesitate when hubs wanted to order Balsamic tomato bruschetta (79k) for the starter. My mind was thinking for that kind of price, it should be something fried or meaty, like chicken wings or fried calamari. I mean, come on... 79k for slices of bread with tomatoes? I know, I'm so cheap. We went with the bruschetta anyway and boy those breads! Even tastier than my sizzling full of meat's main course!
It was so gooood! It's simply amazing how a simple dish like that turns out to be fantastic. No wonder it is being highlighted on the menu. I loved the olive oil toasted ciabatta bread, and the diced tomatoes were super fresh and well marinated with chopped garlic, basil and balsamic vinegar. 

The next starter was a plate of Caesar salad (98k). I have a super soft spot when it comes to Caesar salad. I always seem to have the appetite to eat it everywhere, every time. Though my favorite of all time still goes to the mighty Bakerz Inn's, but theirs was okay too.
Many people might think salad is just a salad, a very simple dish which could never go wrong. But as someone who tries a lot of Caesar salad in many many diners, it will surprise you to know how few of them only that tasted decent.

My entree, New York strip steak (239k) served with french fries and fresh steamed veggies. I know it is one of a food crime to have your steak well done when everyone knows the best way to enjoy is by having it medium cooked, but I personally can't stand seeing the reddish color when I cut the meat so I always have it well done despite the risk of losing it's juiciness and tend to be overly dry. Unfortunately, it happened that night. The meat was tender but felt a bit overly cooked, the garlic butter on top of the steak did help to moist it though.

Hubs' entree, their famous fajitas was yum yum. The choices are chicken, beef and shrimp, or we could choose duo combo from either three. We chose the grilled beef fajitas (153k). The hot tortillas with shredded cheddar cheese, fresh guacamole, sour cream, shredded lettuce was served separately with the medium cooked grilled beef. We have to mix the ingredients to make our own fajitas. 

Ta da....

Overall, Hard Rock to me is always the place for overly huge portion food with decent taste. Normally I tend to feel uncomfortable eating in a place with live music as I like having my meal over a good conversation which hard to do when you have to raise your voice higher than their music and keep on asking your friend to repeat twice as you hardly hear them the first time. But I happen to enjoy the particular band playing that night. A very talented local reggae band, I must say. And yes, they played Marley's greatest song, No woman No Cry, and fully nailed the song. It was so enjoyable. Thou, really Marley? No woman, no cry? You obviously haven't met me. *LOL*

Signing off.

Hard Rock Cafe 
Pacific Place Ground flr
SCBD Lot 3-5
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 54-55
South Jakarta 
Ph. +6221 57973055
Opening hours: 
Sun - Thu: 11am - 1am 
Fri - Sat: 11am - 2am 

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