Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pipiltin Cocoa

Meet Pipiltin Cocoa. I actually went here on the same day when I had dinner at Wilshire which was around 3-4 months ago. I just sort of forgetting to post this one. 

Pretty sure the place had been reviewed many times, so I will just make it short. Pipiltin is definitely the place to go for chocolate lovers who wants a little bit more than usual pralines and truffles. Here, they make the chocolate from scratch and turn it into something imaginative. Take example on what my friends and I ordered. Banana tart tin (45k) is chocolate with banana, cheese sable and caramel ice cream. Together they make a delicious combination. The banana is sweet and smooth with no overpowering cheese smell. I remember we really like this one. The other one, Freeze (Frozen macaroon, milk, rice crispy, chocolate sorbet) 45k was unfortunately not good. It looked awesome, but tasted not. The frozen macaroon was the major turn of, I don't really understand why it was said as frozen macs as it was more like a cream made into macaroon shape. 

Nevertheless, Pipiltin still offers an interesting way in enjoying chocolates. They also have pasta, churros, waffles and other light snacks on the menu. 

Pipiltin Cocoa
Jl. Barito 2 No. 5
Kebayoran Baru 
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 72800011
Opening hours: Mon - Thu: 10am - 10pm
                        Fri - Sun: 10am- 11pm

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Jessica Christy said...

the banana tart looks delicious! ;)