Thursday, November 14, 2013

Go! Go! Curry Jakarta

Japan's no.1 Katsu curry, Go! Go! Curry is finally open their first outlet in Jakarta. Their popularity in Japan is huge, featured in newspaper and TV all over Japan and have over 70 outlets including in Hong Kong, New York and now, Jakarta. They used to have branches in Spore too, but it didn't last long. I'm not pretty sure if the franchise rights expired and they have to change the name or it's an entire different company, but now Monster Curry is replacing them on the exact spots in Spore. 

Their first outlet in Jakarta took place in Ciputra Mall (most known as Citraland a.k.a CL). To be honest, it took me by surprise on how they choose the particular shopping mall as their first landing. Don't get me wrong, the mall used to be my second home when I was studying at the university next to them, but it had been years since their popularity has been outclassed with other newer shopping malls.

Anyway, I was there several days ago on a weekday afternoon, couple hours after lunch time and the place was almost empty. They placed a TV on the side showing a video of their popularity in Japan, NYC and HK where there were dozens of people queuing in front of the shops. 
They carried fast food concept where we place our order and pay first before seated. The orders will be delivered to our table. I went with their specialty, Chicken katsu curry. They have 3 sizes, regular (50k*), medium (56k*) and large (68k*) and comes with choices of spiciness level from 1-4, 4 being the dangerous level. I chose to play safe and went with level 3 and it didn't even feel spicy at all. I doubt the level 4 will make any difference.
The regular size fits me more than enough. The chicken katsu is quite large, with shredded cabbage and overflowing brown curry covering the white rice on the bottom. 

*before tax

It was my second time trying their curry. My first time was in Spore, and I tried their pork one. Here only have chicken. I stand by what I feel the first time I ate it, it was okay. It was not heavenly good, but for someone who doesn't really into curry, I find their curry tasted quite delicious. It was thick, fragrant, and has this nice herbs smells. The Katsu was pretty good, dry fried, not oily with a good thickness of meat. Overall it was a decent lunch for me. 

Go! Go! Curry
Mall Ciputra lower ground
Jl. Letjen S. Parman
Grogol, West Jakarta
Ph. +6221 56954851

Other branch: Citiwalk Sudirman

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