Friday, November 8, 2013

Parc 19

It was so coincidental that we happen to find Parc 19 as we exit Kemang village after our brunch at Classified. I find it coincidence as I've been meaning to go there but doesn't really know the exact location. Turns out it located only a few doors away from Colony building. 

Parc 19 has opened for quite some time and remain to be one of the popular spot to go at Kemang. After an hour there, I got to understand how they get to be one. The first thing I have to compliment is definitely the classic rustic design. The place is spacious with furnished wood and bricks and cement flooring. They use glasses as one of the element on some of their walls so from the outside it looked like some sort of glass house. I love how they combine modern with classic rustic theme at the same time. I personally felt really comfy sitting by the couch next to the big glass window. 

The second thing drawing my attention was how friendly the staffs were. They were really polite. I couldn't remember when was the last time a waiter actually come to us to apologize on how the food will take longer to be served, before we even asked about it. I also love how they served us complimentary water when our drinks were half empty.

Their menu covers various western & Asian dishes. Since we were both still pretty full from the earlier brunch, we chose only Taco's (75k) and Oriental roast duck (155k) to share.The tacos were excellent. The mix flavors of spicy ground beef, vegetables with herbs and spices was delicious. Luv it! 

The duck's presentation was lovely. Served on top of mashed sweet potato with roasted beetroot and veggies. I like the sweet potato puree, it was warm, smooth and not overly creamy. The duck was nicely seasoned, but I think it was overly cooked, it's missing abit of juiciness.

Overall we enjoyed our time and wouldn't mind to go back. In my opinion, Parc 19 definitely one of the nicest place to hang at Kemang area.

Parc 19 
Jl. Tamang Kemang Raya No. 19
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 7199988
Opening hours: 10am - 12 mid


Stanislaus Hans Danial Subianto said...

I FREAKING LOVE YOUR BLOG AND HAVE ALWAYS BEEN! <3. You are such a devoted food blogger and a true Jakarta's culinary surfer! Whenever there is a new restaurant coming up, I knew you'd be the one exploring it first and occasionally, I was true! Keep up this amazing blog!


Ivy said...

aww you're being too kind. Mine is nothing compare to yours... the writings and all those amazing shots! Am humble u visited Ivy's life. Thanks Hans! :)