Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Canton Paradise

After Paradise Dynasty, Taste Paradise and Paradise Inn, another one under Paradise group opens their first outlet in Jakarta. Managed by Boga group, Canton Paradise's presence brightens up Cantonese cuisine in town. I have always love every single restaurant from the group, both their food or design concept have always win my vote. When I went to Canton Paradise for a Saturday night family dinner, I was surprised to find their interior is not as fancy as the one look from outside, infact the only quite fancy one I can relate to is their dining utensils. 

If you are one of the fans of the famous pork baked buns from Tim Ho Wan,  be happy then because Canton Paradise's crispy bbq honey pork bun (28,8k) is almost as good as the one. Almost! If only they baked it more crisp and being more generous on the filling. Though it was still very good and so far I have never found any Chinese restaurant in town who have these baked buns.

Crisp fried egg plant with pork floss (38,8k), Crackling pork belly (88,8k), Signature roast duck (half) 128,8k

The fried egg plant was blah. Flabby and tasteless. The pork belly was good, the skin was crisp but we got the one with too many layers of fat. The roast duck was very good! Juicy, tender, lovely! 

Steamed spring water tofu with minced pork and preserved vegetable (48,8k), Steamed marble goby with minced garlic and ginger (350k for 6 ounces), Wok fried rice with salted fish and black olives (58,8k)

The tofu was very light, the texture was more like soya bean. The fish was good, very fresh and the saltiness from the garlic and ginger was perfect. The fried rice was phenomenal. Probably my favorite dish of the night. The flavor was simply well balanced, delicious to the last spoon. Smooch!

The next morning, Dad said he wanted to go back to try their dimsum. The place was as packed as last night, even more crowded by the time we finished our meals. 

We ordered their crispy bbq pork bun again, along with siew mai, ha kao, egg yolk custard bun, steamed glutinous rice, taro puffs with minced chicken, and some more. Too many to mention one by one. We always tend to order too much of everything! The price range for dimsum is 18,8k - 25,8k.

The egg yolk custard bun was a total disappointment, no melted egg yolk burst out when we teared up the bun, instead it was quite thick. It's sad how they have so many dimsum selections, yet all tasted pretty standard. The only one I found okay was the Egg & pork congee (38,8k), generous pork meats and the congee was nicely seasoned.

Aside from the pork bun, the roasted duck and those delicious fried rice, I can't really say the food blow me away. To be honest, they might be the least I liked from the other three restaurant under the same group.

Canton Paradise
Mall Kelapa Gading 3
Level G 15 B-C
Jl. Boulevard Kelapa Gading
North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 45853918


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