Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wilshire, The Foundry No. 8

Say Hi to Wilshire, One of the newest addition in town carrying the name same as one of the boulevard in Los Angeles. I went there last Saturday nights with my girlfriends and instantly love their concept design. The whole room surrounded with dark wood walls and furniture, the yellow lights with crystal makes the place chic and elegant, yet so pretty with a section where they put long tables with bunch of flowers on the back and pattern cushions on the couches.

Wilshire serves California fusion dishes and the selections were vary. Pasta, steaks, sandwich, sushi and they also serving breakfast until certain hours. After scrolling down the menu, we decided to order 4 main courses to share and skip the appetizer. Garlic noodles with tiger prawns (165k), Foei gras sushi (168k), Seared codfish (190k) and Grilled beef tongue with rice (130k). Though the price tags were a bit high, but trust me when I said it worth the pennies.

The garlic noodle was so goooooooood! Perfectly cooked, delicious flavor and those tiger prawns were crunchy and fresh. A really really good dish. The sushi were freakin' expensive, 3pcs at 168k, but well... Foei gras does cost money. The foei gras aburi was served on top of the sushi rice and poured with caramelized onions. Personally, I didn't like it but the rest of the girls find it delicious.
Moving on to the next course was the seared codfish. Beautiful presentation, and so was the taste. The codfish was fresh and so delicate, topped above grilled eggplant and sauteed corns. The last dish was grilled beef tongue with rice. I know I have write the word delicious too many times in this post, but I am going to do that again. The rice was delicious, came with very tender beef tongue, grilled corn and soft boiled egg. The sweet sauce on the top completed the whole flavor.

If you have not been there, you really should. It was one of my best dinner. The staffs and waiters were also very friendly and polite, plus they were very welcome when I took pictures for the reviews, unlike some diners with no picture taking rules. Wilshire, you won me. :)

The Foundry No. 8
SCBD lot 8
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 52-53
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 51401018

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Cend Woo said...

Whoaa cant wait to try this onee , look promisingg

Veronica Cristina Hermawan said...

So, the atmosphere was a fine dining or just a casual dining? :) Thanks