Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pannacotta etc

After going strong by selling online these couple years, Pannacotta etc finally opens their first store at Pacific Place. I visited the place after a dinner at Hard Rock last week. Positioned in the corner of 4th floor across Aksara bookstore, the place is not big but good enough to fit 5-6 tables. I loved the minimalist homey design and the creative words on the packaging. With the packaging so carefully designed, they must have known how today is not only about the flavor, packaging too, is everything.

They have 11 flavors to choose. Whether you want to be addicted, obsessed, or seduced... you name it, they have it. I chose addiction (classic pannacotta with baileys) 30k, hubs went with pleasure (mint pannacotta with dark chocolate) 30k.

To be honest, it was my first time trying pannacotta. The white & creamy texture never attracts me into trying it. Pannacota etc's was the first one I willing to try. The flavor wasn't too creamy which was good, but as someone who never eat one before, I thought it would not be that dense. I was picturing it to be one of those silky light pudding and I was wrong. Personally, I am not crazy on the pannacotta but the sauces were amazing!

I do, however pretty sure they will be the new IT dessert in town. So, tell me have you been addicted, seduced or pleased by them?

Pannacotta etc
Pacific Place 4th flr 
SCBD, Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 52-53
South Jakarta
Ph. +6285311119868

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