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Since Ivy's life was born, I have never ever written a post while I'm traveling. In fact, I never bring my laptop overseas, until now. I am currently in Manila. Hubs is on business trip and I am tagging along. To be honest, Manila was never on my mind for traveling spot, so when Hubs told me he has to fly here for business purpose, I was not really keen on joining him, but Manila turns out to be quite fun, the food is pretty great and everything is so cheap!! I love it when travel to a place that doesn't make me frowned. But the traffic, man!

I was scrolling up and down to see which post I should write, fyi, I have nearly more than 30 pending posts on my folder. Frankly not sure when I will be able to finish them all. All I can say is... I eat too much, write too slow. 
BTW, I am doing a new sort of thing on @ivys_life's instagram. I normally never write a long caption on my IG's post, but few weeks ago, I think, one of @ivys_life's follower emailed me with a brilliant suggestion, He suggested me to include some writings on the highlight of the food/ restaurant I posted, to let the viewer know a bit story of the pic, especially the pictures I posted when I travel as it would be helpful when someone is traveling to the same place. I love the idea and applying it at the moment during my Manila trip. Well, I am still not going to apply this on all my IG's post, as I basically like to keep it short, but I'll surely do it on the travel post. To that special C, thank you. =) It really humbles me anytime I received an email from one of you, it always a blast knowing some people do care about my babbling.

Anyway, I chose to post about our anniversary dinner. Last month was our third wedding anniversary. As much as I feel time flies way too fast, I have been enjoying my marriage life more than I think. I guess, growing older has its own perks huh?

My first and last time dine at Cassis was years ago before the place was renovated. At first, we were thinking on going to Emilie but we were at Plaza Indonesia on the afternoon, so Cassis comes as better choice considering it is closer. We reached there in time for dinner, around 7 something and a couple was having their 30th wedding anniversary's party, sweet right? 
The whole place was not entirely different than before, but it was indeed fancier. I loved the smells of fresh lilies the moment we entered the foyer. 

We went for ala carte the last time, so we decided to go with their degustation menu this time. They have two types, one with 7 courses (965k), one with 5 courses (550k). We each picked one. Let's review hubs' 7 courses meal first. I didn't have the chance to take picture of all dishes as it was really challenging to snap pictures in a fine dining place. You know, when the waiter seems to have nothing else to do than standing right beside your table. 

So the menu starts with amuse boushe. A small glass of baby lettuce juice with petites cream cheese pie and tuna tartlet. Followed by Carpaccio scallop (Celeriac mousseline and truffle vinaigrette) and Asparagus royale. I didn't take the pic of the Asparagus soup. It was probably one of the most yuckiest soup I ever ate. Gosh I could never be a vegan. Aside from the fabulous tuna tartlet, we have absolutely no good words on the three entree.

Oven baked potato with truffle cream sauce. Very smooth, good flavor. 

The main course, Caramelized barramundi served with green asparagus and romaine was sublime. The meat itself was super tender, while the skin remains crisp.

Second main couse, Walnut peppercorn crusted veal tenderloin with braised carrots and sherry chocolate stripe. Duh-li-cious! It was hard to explain how delicious it was, all I know it was a subtle and divine taste of beef. The steak knife cuts through the meat like it was butter, so tender, very juicy and perfectly marinated.

Pre-dessert, Banana - passion shooter. Sort of like banana milkshake. Tasted so so. The final dessert, I couldn't remember the name, some sort of apple strudel or was it pear something served with green apple sorbet on the side. The sorbet was marvelous, refreshingly sour. The strudel itself tasted quite alright.

Now, let's do mine. My starter, Escargot and vegetable tart was so good! The escargot was freakin' tender, the tart was flaky but paired well with the fresh salad. My mushroom soup was decent, I loved how it was served warm with two types of bruschetta. I chose the same entree as hubs, the veal tenderloin, no extra words needed, it was YUM.

The final dessert, Chocolate "pur caraibe" tart with caramelized banana cream. I didn't like it. The chocolate  felt too thick, so dense that I have to stopped on second bite. I liked the caramelized banana cream with only the crust itself.

To sum up, we didn't enjoy the whole dinner as much as our first time. Aside from the main courses, we found the others to be pretty standard, some even not worth the money or was it too sophisticated for my palate? Yes or no, we'll stick to ala carte menu next time. The service and the ambiance however, was flawless. 
So Hubs is back, signing off now. Dinner is waiting.

Mucha love, 


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Cend Woo said...

i remember my very first day being a blogger then emailed you for link exchange and told you that, you are my inspiration for being a food blogger because seeing your posts are fun! nonetheless, happy anniv!

and (no, never emailed any other bloggers beside you) hahaha

Ivy said...

Cend!! I remembered! Totally made my day that time and so is now!

Thank you so much! Keep posting okay. :)

irene said...

Happy anniversary and enjoy Manila! Looking forward to more IG posts or blog posts to come :)

Ivy said...

Thanks Irene!! =) You too, have a splendid holiday in Jakarta okay. :) 3 months of home town's food, nice!