Thursday, December 5, 2013

HOT STAR Large Fried Chicken

Hot Star large fried chicken, one of the most popular night market snack in Taiwan is finally here. After having only Shilin for years, I was ecstatic in welcoming them.

I tried their Signature large fried chicken (32k), Chicken bites (30k) and Plum sweet potato (18k) and I was happy! Their large fried chicken was HUGE!!! It was my two even three palm sized, I guess. I regretted how I was so stupid to forget taking a picture of how huge it was. Anyhow... It was so good! The chicken breast meat was succulent enough that I didn't feel like eating only coated batter. I loved how it was deep fried to almost perfection where I can still felt the tender inside and crispy on the outside, and it was not oily at all. We were having some time to finish the chicken and the paper bag remains non greasy. Oh yes, unlike the other brand, they don't cut the meat, even if we request them too.

If you feel overwhelmed with the oversized chicken, go for the bites one. Basically it was the same as the signature large chicken, only cuts in different shapes with chunkier meat. The plum sweet potatoes were my favorite! They were so yummmeh. Crunchy on the outside while the potato inside was soft. I was not too sure what kind of powder they sprinkled on the outside of the potatoes to add the sweetness but I totally liked it.

Aside from the three above, they also have crispy mushrooms, crispy french fries, and several drink options to choose from. Our Jasmine green tea (15k) was a complimentary that night, I expected it too be sort of a bland green tea type of drink, but it turns out to be quite refreshing one, it was sweet but not overpowering and I can smelt the strong Jasmine's scent. Citizens of Pluit must be super thrilled in welcoming Baywalk mall into the neighborhood, especially with this promising brand as one of their tenants.

Baywalk Mall @Green Bay Pluit 
4th flr #17A
Jl. Pluit Karang Ayu B1 Utara
North Jakarta 

Other branch opening soon at: Bintaro Xchange, Puri Indah Mall, Supermall Karawaci, The Breeze BSD.

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